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  • Google for Entrepreneurs: a boon for emerging market startups

    Google reckons there are about 400 million entrepreneurs out there in the world and it wants to see that number increase. The search giant recently celebrated its 14th birthday by launching Google for Entrepreneurs, a hub for its several dozen programmes and partnerships that support startups and entrepreneurs. The initiative that aims to boost entrepreneurial activities within local communities has projects running in 30 countries around the world including those in emerging markets such as India, South Africa, Kenya, Israel, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Egypt, Morocco, Russia and Brazil. Google also supports Startup Weekend, the 54 hour weekend incubators...

  • Google’s Woza online: 25k sites now live

    If your business doesn't have an online presence, it might as well not exist. For small businesses in particular that hasn't always been easy. Google's Woza online initiative, which provides free websites to small and medium-sized businesses aims to change all that. It doesn't seem to be doing badly either. According to the internet giant, some 25 000 businesses have signed up to the initiative since its launch in January this year. Google South Africa chairman Luke Mckend said the take up of Woza online reflected the "energizing" spirit of entrepreneurs in the country. He also revealed a...

  • Umbono Alpha Beta: Beer, pizza and startups, the Google way

    Umbono Alpha Beta is a Google event at which you can have as much free beer and pizza as you want, as long as you love startups. Memeburn was invited to watch as six startups -- three teams at the end of their six month Umbono program (last year's winners) and three who are just beginning -- presented their products and businesses to a packed (and we do mean packed) room. Umbono launched last year as a trial startup incubation project exclusive to Cape Town, South Africa. The Umbono programme aims to transform visions into businesses by taking successful applicants with new...

  • Why Google Trader could leave other classified platforms in the dirt

    Google Trader, the internet giant's classifieds and trading service, is making waves, especially in emerging markets. The aim of Trader is to make it easier for businesses to post classified-type ads for their services, products and jobs. Listings are accessible from the web, the mobile web and via SMS. The listings also now include price, locations, and short snippets of content based on what is being advertised. Google expanded its Trader product footprint to Kenya in October and Nigeria in November, following on from successes in Uganda and Ghana. Africa News even went as far as to say that...

  • Google’s Groupon deal makes no sense

    Faith Merino at VatorNews reported on Monday that Google had purchased Groupon for $2.5 billion: "... according to an unnamed insider who spoke with VatorNews. Neither Google nor Groupon could be reached for comment to confirm the report, but Vator's source is reliable and the report falls in line with the recent string of Groupon acquisition rumours." On Tuesday Kara Swisher at All Things D reported that her sources said that Google would pay $5.3 billion plus a $700 million earnout if Groupon meets sales targets. "... it is a killer move for Google-despite the high price-given it has long tried to...