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Online media

  • Trend watching, market intelligence and research online portal TREND. launches

    TREND., launched last week, will track and publish consumer data and trends across the media, advertising and marketing communications industry. Visitors can look forward to original, in-depth trend reports combining local and international research contextualised for the South African market with interviews with thought leaders and experts. The trend watching, market intelligence and research online portal is the brainchild of industry editors and publishers, Louise Marsland and Herman Manson. TREND. is a free resource and is targeted at the media, as well as the advertising and marketing communications industry. Regarding content on TREND., expect to find consumer and media...

  • 40 African news innovators you need to know about

    Google has just announced the finalists in its African News Challenge, a project aimed at strengthening and transforming African news media. Forty digital journalism projects have been shortlisted as finalists from a pool of 513 applicants. The applications screened by a technical review panel that evaluated which projects have the best potential for strengthening and transforming African news media. Short-listed finalists include proposals to improve data-driven investigative journalism and the security of journalists or their sources, as well as improve audience engagement, mobile news distribution, data visualization, new revenue models and workflow systems. The challenge's funders and partners...

  • 5 thoughts on writing great press releases

    Michelle and I attended a Silicon Cape event this week where Sarah Rice shared her experiences as a public relations consultant for rock-star companies like personal finance management site 22seven and African instant messaging giant Mxit. Rice sowed valuable advice on relationships between startups and the media onto a hotbed of Cape Town’s bright up-and-coming startups and a lot of what was said resonated with me, especially the part that affects my job the most, communication with startups. The communication usually starts in the form of a press release. We love press releases. Learning about new companies and tracking their...

  • Every company is a media company

    For many years I've been saying that every company is a media company and writing about what that means, as well as its importance to business. At first people were puzzled by that statement but these days it is much better understood. Its importance has increased tremendously and it is now fueling multi-million dollar acquisitions. This week, Fleishman Hillard, one of the world's largest PR firms, and GMR Marketing acquired Amos Content Group in...

  • Bring the social online news room to your business with Pressat

    This is very interesting. Let's say your business has successfully expanded into the UK with some help, and you're ready to let the market know about your product. What's the best way to get the word out? Good question. May we suggest having a look at Pressat, a press release distribution and online publishing service. To start, Pressat -- developed by Manchester agency Atmedia -- will take your press release and distribute it to targeted media outlets across the UK. For a flat fee of £50, your press release is assigned to a member of the Pressat editorial team,...

  • So retailers are now media companies… but is that a good thing?

    The retailer is now a publisher. And we see retailers rolling out multi-channel networks filled with original editorial content spanning everything from how-to videos and gift guides to new-technology primers and behind-the-scenes looks at popular movies. As Natalie Zmuda, writes on Ad Age: "The press corps at this year's Consumer Electronics Show may find themselves jostling for soundbytes and product demos on the Vegas strip with video crews from Best Buy. "Execs say the...

  • The internet goes from free to fee

    The internet goes from free to fee By Matthew Buckland If only the internet had been invented by a businessman. It’s a common lament of internet publishers who are buckling and wheezing under the financial strain of running unprofitable websites. These are the web publishers who somehow managed to survive the dotcom crash by the silicon of their circuit boards, but have struggled to find solid business models -- this despite bringing in huge audiences...