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  • How Super Simple Survey is cashing in on user experience

    The online survey space is crowded, very crowded. You'd have to be batshit to enter a market filled to the brim with competitors and fat cats like SurveyMonkey which recently raised US$794 million for a US$1.35 billion valuation. When Super Simple Survey popped up on our radar, honestly, we had to summon the office's fancy new espresso machine to instill the traces of zeal we'd need to take a closer look at yet another survey creator. So then, how bad is it? It turns out, Super Simple Survey is quite possibly the best looking and most intuitive survey creation tool...

  • 3 little known (but effective) tools for understanding your user

    If you're like me, you've always been fascinated by startups but not sure how to go about actually starting one up. At the beginning of this year I noticed a gap in the online market and started working on filling it by creating an online novel-writing programme for people who really want to write a novel, but don't know how to start it. I've been working for a large corporate in South Africa and in the Netherlands, so it's been fairly eye opening having to do things myself (not having a team of people to execute on things for me),...

  • Work the look: 5 tips for online clothing retailers

    Clothing is one of the biggest growth markets for online retail, with more people welcoming the obvious benefits of online clothes shopping: no battling the crowds, saving time and often money; not having to faff around in changing rooms; and the confidence of knowing you can always return it if it doesn’t fit just right. And yet apparel is still one of the most difficult things to sell online — a hard truth not helped by the fact that, for the most part, online fashion retailers still don’t do it really well. Reading some of the headlines around the fashion/tech...

  • Web forms: Get them right and make more money

    A web form is like a solid wall between you and your customer. The customer wants to buy your product. You want to sell your product. But in between there’s the form… and everyone hates filling in forms. Making your forms easier-to-use can have a dramatic effect on your company’s bottom line. Jared Spool has written about a form redesign that increased a company’s annual revenue by $300-million. At Flow Interactive we have seen as much as a 125% increase in conversion rates with better form design. And Google thinks form design projects will have a much larger return-on-investment (ROI)...