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  • Ex-Mxit boss admits IM startup 2go is a threat

    The South African tech scene is quite abuzz with news of Alan Knott-Craig and post-Mxit information. In a recent Memeburn article, some insight was given into his time and the mobile social network and why it came to an abrupt end. Now, in a video interview discussing a post-Mxit life and how Africa's supposed largest social network fitted into his own company, World of Avatar, the former CEO has admitted that small instant messaging startup 2go could be a threat to Mxit. 2go is a startup based in South Africa that currently boasts just over 10-million active users...

  • Y Combinator is a cult and Silicon Valley is unique

    Steve Blank, a Silicon Valley-based retired serial entrepreneur, does a fabulous job in this interview in defining what makes Silicon Valley unique as a global engine of innovation. It's about culture and culture cannot be easily copied or exported. He also talks about how people around the world can be reading his posts and lessons in near-real time and that this is helping to change culture in innovation centers around the world. I disagree...

  • A Kickstarter project worth backing: The Startup – a comedy film about startups

    The team behind a new startup comedy set in present-day San Francisco, is utilising Kickstarter to bring the project to life. Simply called the startup, the film bills itself as comedy-drama and aims to show the "the many, ever-changing sides—from the absurd to the sublime, but mostly the hilarious—of life inside an early-stage startup." The project is gaining traction. With 26 days to go, 52 backers have pledged a total of US$11 565 towards the goal of US$25 000 which will allow for a 30-45 minute film. The team is shooting for US$95K however, in the hope of creating...