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Web development

  • Weekend entrepreneurs, we salute you (plus tools for your next project)

    It's good that we acknowledge entrepreneurs, but I think we sometimes forget to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit -- that subtle and yet powerful notion many of us harbour to pursue a business idea. Entrepreneurs don't fit a particular mold. The greats -- Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, for example -- all illustrate a passion and a belief in the ideas they found compelling. Sure, we can also see independence, resourcefulness and admire the excellent problem solving skills they have illustrated in the unstructured environments in which they often flourished, but their journeys all started...

  • Vulcan Labs aims to be a programming tech hub for Western Cape town Somerset West

    Vulcan Labs, a new web and mobile development company based in Somerset West, is positioning itself to aid the local developer community through access to industry expertise. Founder Angus Miller sees Vulcan Labs' role as that of a tech collective or incubator for developers, “We are very excited to be a part of the booming tech scene in the Western Cape and look forward to adding value through workshops, hosting of tech innovation meetings, events and knowledge sharing.” Vulcan Labs specialises in building solutions using programming language Ruby on Rails, a much sought-after platform which allows for a functioning...

  • 6 reasons why your internet startup should be using Amazon Web Services

    Y Combinator co-founder, Paul Graham, defines a startup as "a company designed to grow fast." The definition highlights one of the hardest problems internet startups traditionally faced at the outset: weighing infrastructure capacity and cost. Amazon changed things up when it launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006. It used economies of scale to offer services -- many of them developed for internal use and opened up to the public later -- to take the guess-work out of upfront infrastructure investments. AWS allowed startups to start small, with the knowledge that AWS would grow to meet the demand should business...

  • Gatfol: Google, Yahoo! and Bing are OK, we can make them better

    Search engines get you the results you want 80% of the time. That's according to a South African startup called Gatfol (pronounced Gat fole, not like the Afrikaans Gatvol) which will soon be launching its first product to help you get closer to 100%. Gatfol may seem like an odd name for a startup, but its US patented semantic search algorithm certainly isn’t. Rooted in natural language processing or NLP, the free Gatfol...

  • Winners and losers in cloud computing and what your business gains

    The buzz around cloud computing has been around for a while now, and it doesn’t seem like the frenzy around this new phenomenon will wane out any time soon. This might be due to the realisation that the entire IT industry is on the verge of a major revolution, and we all know that in the midst of a revolution, there will always be winners and losers. The promise Cloud computing promises a paradigm shift in the way that we have been using computational resources; an environment where business applications are hosted by a service provider and accessed by...

  • Work the look: 5 tips for online clothing retailers

    Clothing is one of the biggest growth markets for online retail, with more people welcoming the obvious benefits of online clothes shopping: no battling the crowds, saving time and often money; not having to faff around in changing rooms; and the confidence of knowing you can always return it if it doesn’t fit just right. And yet apparel is still one of the most difficult things to sell online — a hard truth not helped by the fact that, for the most part, online fashion retailers still don’t do it really well. Reading some of the headlines around the fashion/tech...

  • Web forms: Get them right and make more money

    A web form is like a solid wall between you and your customer. The customer wants to buy your product. You want to sell your product. But in between there’s the form… and everyone hates filling in forms. Making your forms easier-to-use can have a dramatic effect on your company’s bottom line. Jared Spool has written about a form redesign that increased a company’s annual revenue by $300-million. At Flow Interactive we have seen as much as a 125% increase in conversion rates with better form design. And Google thinks form design projects will have a much larger return-on-investment (ROI)...