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click-n-compare - News

  • Can brokers use robo-advice to their advantage?

    It seems every year there's a new development that threatens to make traditional financial advisers and insurance brokers obsolete. In the past few years it was the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) and the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI). So far, none have disrupted what some refer to as the 'dinosaur' of the traditional insurance industry. But a new foe has emerged in the form of robo-advice: automated algorithms and digital techniques to give consumers the advice and products they need sans advisor. Earlier this year, Lawrence Wintermeyer, Innovate Finance (the UK's fintech industry body) CEO, told Business Insider that robo-advice covers anything from execution right up to where a client has to sign...

  • SA consumers no longer willing to pay a premium for big name brands

    Prior to the arrival of the Digital era, marketers and advertisers gained insight into consumer sentiment via door-to-door visits, lengthy paper surveys and tedious questionnaires. Now, by simply scrutinising what consumers are searching for online – and more specifically – which search terms they are actually using, companies and marketers can get an accurate take on what consumers actually want (and what they are concerned about). “In recent years, people have been spending a significant portion of their budgets on mobile phones and connectivity, especially given the initial aura around brands such as Blackberry and Apple, coupled with the fixation...

  • SA consumers doing their product homework before purchase

    At a time when most consumers are spending conservatively, with a hawkish eye on every last Rand, value for money has become paramount. Long gone are the days when people sign on to mobile contracts on a whim, or buy insurance products at the behest of a smiling salesman. With deep-seated economic and political uncertainty prevailing, consumers are looking to inform themselves as best they can before spending a cent. “The good news for sceptical South Africans is that a host of new and sophisticated digital tools are coming online, giving people much-needed access to information,” says Ryan Marx, CEO...

  • CompareGuru set to simplify financial services for SA consumers

    Launches new site with advanced features and real-time services.  For most time-constrained South Africans, choosing between financial products and service providers is a laborious and challenging task. Despite the increasing access to all sorts of information online, it remains a complex and daunting process to sift through various product offerings, pricing structures, terms and conditions, etc. “This complexity is especially problematic when trying to choose between products and providers in the mobile, banking and insurance spheres, where contracts are often filled with jargon and consumers are understandably wary of hidden fees,” explains Ryan Marx, CEO of CompareGuru, a site which draws...

  • What is Edtech and why it matters

    Digitalisation has impacted every aspect of modern day life, from communication to finance, but there is one sector that has been largely overlooked - education. For over a century, learning models have remained the same with educators relaying information and ideas to students who sit and listen (one hopes) and then supplement that with information found in physical textbooks. Thanks to the rise of mobile technology, that learning module is slowly changing with students now utilising tablets to make their lessons more interactive, at least that’s the idea. The current problem with this structure is the devices being used. Tablets are primarily...

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