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getsmarter - News

  • What the fintech revolution means for financial inclusion

    From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to blockchain, emerging technology is quickly changing both how we think about finance and how we access it. Fintech is rapidly innovating, and with a growing number of predictions about what it will mean for the future of business, company owners and entrepreneurs are taking note. The funding problem While 2017 saw a surge in the emergence of new fintech startups, 2018 has brought about a maturing in the market as these products roll out and become more widely adopted across industries. They have become particularly impactful for small-to-medium sized businesses and startups, where technology is helping...

  • Why more entrepreneurs are investing in understanding AI

    Whether you’re wary of the disruption that Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings or you’re embracing it, there’s no avoiding the impact it’s expected to have on businesses in the coming years. Not only has AI been proven to speed-up processes and streamline operations, but it also has great potential for customer experience, product development, sales, and business intelligence – improving the bottom line for companies both big and small. In fact, PwC estimates that by 2030, artificial intelligence alone could add a total of $15.7-trillion to global GDP. Below are just some of the ways AI could influence how we do business, now...

  • How blockchain is enabling entrepreneurship

    Perhaps one of the most exciting technologies influencing the world of business today is blockchain. Thanks to its growing applications, more entrepreneurs than ever are exploring this new technology as a solution for everything from raising funds to creating contracts. According to a disruptive tech survey conducted earlier this year by GetSmarter, a brand of 2U, Inc., four in five business leaders believe that emerging technology will continue to disrupt their industry to a high degree in the coming years. And with all the ways that blockchain is already impacting business, and startups in particular, it’s not surprising why. Here are...

  • Why entrepreneurs are turning to property development and investment

    Property development and investment is becoming an increasingly attractive arena for entrepreneurs both locally and abroad, with the demand for affordable property on the rise due to rapid urbanisation and changing housing trends. According to GetSmarter, a wholly-owned subsidiary of digital education company 2U, Inc., property development and investment are among the top skills entrepreneurs are investing in, in 2018. Why property? A career in property development makes good economic sense for those with the patience and know-how to succeed. While many entrepreneurial start-ups favour rapid, short-term growth, property is a long-term investment that has the potential to pay out big down...

  • Top five skills in 2018 that entrepreneurs are investing in

    In a rapidly changing business landscape defined by both economic development and technological disruption, it has become crucial for entrepreneurs to continue to upskill themselves in order to keep pace and identify opportunities. GetSmarter, a wholly-owned subsidiary of digital education company 2U, has released findings on the top five skills entrepreneurs are investing in based on trends in the emerging market. Comparing the last two years, GetSmarter courses have attracted more business partners, business owners, founders, and entrepreneurs in the first half of 2018 alone than in the whole of 2017. This trend is likely caused by an increasing need for...

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