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sureswipe - News

  • Sureswipe’s Move allows business owners to accept payments on the go

    Business owners that often move around to sell their goods and services have been able to increase revenue thanks to Sureswipe's Move payment solution. The solution allows one to easily receive card payments from customers regardless of where one is. Sureswipe MD Paul Kent says Move has boosted the revenue of a number of its small business clients because it allows business owners and their staff to remain mobile, agile and offer their customers personalised, face-to-face service. Move is also a great option for pop-up shops, those operating from markets and who run promotions. “We know the challenges that merchants, independent retailers and SMEs face. This is why we...

  • Customer loyalty is key to a retailer’s success

    What is important for a retailer is repeat business. Attracting your customer back into your store and rewarding them for spending money with you. Customer loyalty ultimately builds a brand. To manage and reward customers can be a great admin hassle if you do this manually and the process can create all kinds of unnecessary headaches. Unless your loyalty programme is easy and seamless, it can result in more damage than good! For this reason, Sureswipe has an acquiring service for retailers that use their card payment solution that allows them to customise a loyalty programme to suit their business and...

  • SA fintech pioneers Sureswipe, Traderoot partner to disrupt payment space

    Two of South Africa’s first financial technology companies have announced a strategic business relationship that is set to change the fintech payment space. Traderoot and Sureswipe have made available a quick, comprehensive and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant payment platform that reverses the relationship SMEs and merchants have with traditional financial institutions and places control of business processes in their own hands. Sureswipe’s managing director Paul Kent (pictured left, above) says this new approach to payment transactions is set to disrupt the current mindset of the industry, as merchants no longer have to be locked into single relationships with large financial institutions that...

  • New integrated payment, POS solution allows retailers to transact in 2 seconds

    The South African financial technology company that brought card-payment systems to smaller businesses as far back as 2008 has just announced a new integrated payment solution that will benefit franchise store owners, larger independent retailers and franchise owners. Sureswipe is SA’s first independent payment service provider to offer a fully integrated payment solution with acquiring services. Paul Kent, managing director of Sureswipe, says: “Our new Integrated Payments product has been developed for higher volume businesses that use a Point-of-Sale system. It reduces manual hours spent on reconciliations, makes customer payments quicker and safer, and cuts both costs and complexity. We have brought functionality...

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