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From proof to pivot: How Nomanini is becoming the future of prepaid sales

Nomanini We here at Ventureburn write a lot about mobile payments in Africa. From old favourites such as Kenya's M-Pesa to newer ones like South Africa's SnapScan, each one is keen on seeing a cashless society. So a startup that relies on cash transactions immediately peaked our interest. "We are avoiding to reinvent the wheel," says Nomanini's CEO Vahid Monadjem. "We're creating a product that serves a pressing need that the current model doesn’t serve." And so, after refining product after business ...

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Innotribe Startup Challenge expects cryptocurrency, payments to be big

SWIFT Sub-Saharan Africa's fintech scene is really exciting. From innovative lending solutions like peer-to-peer services like RainFin and Lendico to interesting payments companies like Nomanini and SnapScan. To help put these startups on the global stage, the Innotribe Startup Challenge is calling for applications. While the competition is open to startups across the globe, 2015 is seeing Innotribe's first entry in South Africa where it will be hosted in Cape Town. Brought to us by global financial telecommunications giant Swift, the Innotribe ...

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The African Startup is the latest podcast to explore the continent’s entrepreneurial scene

The African Startup Startups can be fickle yet disruptive things. The line between those two is thin and so, getting to grips with one can be hard. Especially in Africa where that "recipe for success" is still being experimented with and so much are yet to be explored. Thankfully though, today there are many podcasts out there that can help shed light on some of the trends and lessons learned. For some reason startups and podcasts just seem to go together these days. A ...

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A tale of two online shopping giants: Konga & Jumia put to the test

Jumia Nigeria TV Commercial - YouTube They both claim to be the largest ecommerce platform in Nigeria and Africa -- even though they won’t make their sales figures publicly available so it could be made easier for those who are interested in comparing their services to do so. This means the only thing that can be legally done is to determine which of them offers the best service delivery. And since no one else would do it, I decided to order stuff from both platforms and compared the experience. To ...

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Asimmetric is a startup keen to monitor, optimise your Wi-Fi hotspot

Asimmetric Wi-Fi hotspots are quickly becoming the norm for customer service in any organisation whether that be a coffee shop, hospital or a public park. Yet, there still seem to be a lot of companies struggling to take full advantage of their Wi-Fi offering. With its product now officially launched, Cape Town-based Asimmetric reckons it's found a solution to monitor and optimise Wi-Fi networks so that providers can easily measure and manage the users' experience. “Today, there’s a disconnect between what Wi-Fi providers ...


Does South Africa’s ecommerce future really lie with niche players?

Ecommerce The South African ecommerce space is pretty complex. On the one hand you've got players like Takealot attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in international funding. On the other you've got people from some of the world's biggest retail companies suggesting that it won't be a major force. That flies somewhat in the face of the reasons given for Takealot's merger with Naspers-owned Kalahari. At the time, both parties said it was so they could better compete in the international ...

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How to hack startup growth with Pay Per Click advertising

Click Here’s the thing with PPC (Pay Per Click): it’s a live-action, real-time slugfest. Everything happens so quickly on the paid advertising front that if you don’t get it right, you might very well end up pouring buckets of money into a vast sea of nothingness. While it might seem that PPC could be pretty straightforward, it is and it isn’t. But even before you get into anything to do with actual dynamics of PPC advertising, it’s an advertising channel that can ...

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Kenya’s BitPesa announces $1.1m investment led by Pantera Capital

BitPesa Despite recent tales of Bitcoin's demise, people still seem to be throwing money at startups focusing on the virtual currency, especially in the remittance space. Led by Pantera Capital, the Kenyan-based Bitcoin startup, BitPesa, recently secured US$1.1-million (nearly R13-million). Other investors include Bitcoin Opportunity Corp, Crypto Currency Partners,Future/Perfect Ventures and Stephens Investment Management. In a blog post the company notes that its total equity investment now clocks in US$1.7-million. "We will now be expanding across the region to meet the demand for truly low-cost ...

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Australia’s CBA acquires SA branchless-banking startup Tyme

TYME In a recent earnings announcement by the major Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), the company revealed that it has acquired South Africa's Tyme Capital -- a company that builds digital banking solutions. "We are delighted to announce that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia has acquired 100% of Tyme," says the Johannesburg-based startup in an announcement. "This acquisition is a logical continuation of CBA's strategy to pursue capability led growth outside Australia and one that reinforces CBA's core strength in innovation and ...

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Vuga: Africa’s smart music-streaming service for your every mood

Vuga Nigeria’s music industry is regarded as the most popular in Africa considering the numerous continentally acclaimed and globally heard music superstars that are filling halls and stadiums in several parts of the world. Even though the stars are largely regarded as wealthy, much of their wealth doesn’t come from album sales since it has been largely difficult to get people to pay for music, forcing the artists to focus on making money from endorsements, events and other franchises. The proliferation of ...