African online sellers to get logistics upgrade, more jobs

african-online-sellers-to-get-better-infrastructure-and-more-jobs This week, Nigeria’s two largest marketplaces, Jumia and Kaymu, announced a fulfillment and delivery platform joint initiative for Africa. Their goal is to provide online sellers in Africa with a system to deliver their products and create jobs. The joint initiative is called Africa Internet Group (AIG) Express. AIG itself provides easy-to-use services and solutions across the African internet market and are part of Africa's startup ecosystem. Indrek Heinloo, who is leading the initiative, says a larger delivery network needs to be ...

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SME management startup Magnetic partners with global distributor after R15m valuation

Dan-Profile Cape Town, South African-based online business management platform Magnetic is partnering up with Australian digital marketing company Titan Digital. The distribution deal would enable the startup to expand its reach to agencies and SME's across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK and comes, after Magnetic just raised a second round of funding in January worth R15-million. Magnetic started up in 2012 on a bold mission to corner South Africa’s B2B space with its all-in-one online management platform. The product on offer ...

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5 social media pitfalls that SMEs should avoid [sponsored]

social-media-garden Social media is a powerful tool for the small business owner. It can help you to build customer relationships, improve your search engine optimisation, and create a buzz about your business. Yet unwary small businesses can harm their businesses more than they help them if they don't have a strategy about how they will manage their social media accounts and their social conversations with customers. Here are a few mistakes that SMEs should avoid as they roll out their social media ...


InstaLens: How SA’s Instagram acolyte is capturing global success

instaLens official Instagram is well known for its dedicated communities -- especially in cities such as Cape Town where designers, both local and tourists, take advantage of the popular photography app. From Saturday brunches at The Old Biscuit Mill to sundowners in the Winelands, you'll find the hashtags #CapeTown or #CT constantly trending locally, especially at dusk. Not only have these communities inspired amateur smartphone photographers to become popular online influencers, they've enabled companies like InstaLens to launch into international markets by selling ...

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Dentsu Aegis’ John Brown buyout shows how the digital agency model is changing

John Brown Global advertising mega-conglomerate Dentsu Aegis has acquired content marketing specialist John Brown Media for an undisclosed sum of money. John Brown Media was established in 1987 and has 225 staff throughout its London headquarters and offices in South Africa, Hong Kong and Dubai. While the agency initially made its name producing magazines for a number of high profile retail clients, it has made solid advances in the digital space, where it offers digital publishing, content management, website strategy, SEO, ...

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4 ways aspiring millennial entrepreneurs can break down barriers

Break on through The entrepreneurial leap looks a lot different for today’s young professionals. While most baby boomers don’t see entrepreneurship as a way to make a quick buck, millennials have watched their peers -- people like Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel -- do just that. They make it seem like every code-slinging 20-something has millions of dollars at his fingertips. That could be why more than half of all millennials recently surveyed in the US said they wanted to become entrepreneurs. Despite that ...


CEO of Accelerate Cape Town Chris Whelan steps down

cape-town-344257_1280 Chris Whelan from Accelerate Cape Town is stepping down as CEO. Accelerate Cape Town (ACT) has made a name for itself as a facilitator between government, corporate and higher education to help drive dialogue around innovation in South Africa. After three years, Whelan is relocating to New Zealand to lead the newly formed Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency as its first chief executive. "On the one hand, I love South Africa but, on the other, it's such a huge opportunity for me. The ...

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Is South Africa ready for its Instacart moment?

Instacart no 3 Getting home after a long day, you put your keys and bag down, kick your feet up, get comfortable and ease into you couch. Welcome home. Turn on the TV and last night's channel is still on, an amazing cooking show. "F**k, I forgot to pick up supper on the way home!" Behold the hero of this story: Instacart. Simply go onto your smartphone, log onto the website, enter your area, do your online shopping -- and within the hour, your ...

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Survey highlights key areas where SA entrepreneurs struggle

seedacademy11 Today, the school for entrepreneurship, Seed Academy, released the results of a survey polling more than 900 startup entrepreneurs. These respondents have been in business for under five years and the results show what key challenges they have been facing during this time. Donna Rachelson, director of Seed Academy, explains the motivation behind the survey: We have trained hundreds of entrepreneurs and have picked up common problems. This national survey gives us hard evidence to help create a more sustainable and successful ...

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Nigeria’s CcHub incubator announces latest ventures

hub-pic On Monday, Nigeria’s social innovation centre in Lagos Co-creation Hub (CcHUB) announced three new ventures were added to its Incubation program. Each of the ventures -- Grit Systems, Mamalette, and Autobox -- will receive seed funding between US$15 000 and US$25 000. In addition to this, the incubator provides mentoring, business development support, and office space for the selected companies. All of these services are critical to each company’s growth. Started five years ago, CcHUB has hosted over 50 early-stage ventures. The ...