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Meet iXperience: the startup that’s teaching US college kids how to code in Africa

iX founder Aaron infront of logo When you think about Africa, foreign kids traveling to the continent to learn how to code isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Well, this didn't stop Aaron Fuchs and his team from setting up a business doing exactly that. In fact, this focus has given them an advantage. Not only does summer tech academy iXperience have the advantage of earning dollars while running a business in rands, it's also found the ability to blend a world-class educational product ...


SA startup looks to provide relief to those affected by Woza shutdown

Vigo The shutdown of Woza, Google's free website service, earlier this week was big news. Understandably so too: the service, which launched in early 2012 was designed to give businesses “the opportunity to create their own websites… and develop an online presence — for free, and in under an hour”. And, in that time, it was reportedly used to create around 40 000 websites. Now a South African startup is looking to fill the void it's left behind. VIGO, a Cape ...

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From the horse’s mouth: 7 tips every startup needs to follow in 2015

Notes Did you know that in 2014 the world hit 52% of its entrepreneurial capacity? That’s according to the Global Entrepreneurship Index, which hosted last year’s 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Morocco. As this ecosystem of small businesses continues to grow and thrive, standing out from the crowd is going to become an increasingly difficult challenge. So, how can you do it? We gathered advice from some of Africa’s most innovative startups, who have either received grants from Microsoft or who have ...

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The Green City Startup looking to fund over R1M eco-friendly startups in Jozi

GreenCityStartup In partnership with the City of Johannesburg, Resolution Circle and the University of Johannesburg, green entrepreneurs are encouraged to partake in The Green City Startup challenge. And oh boy, will they been keen to do so! Twenty applicants will be selected to receive mentorship from Resolutions Circle and the University of Johannesburg's tech incubator. An awards panel of serial entrepreneurs and distinguished researchers will select eight finalists. Each finalist will receive R250 000, to demonstrate the viability of his or her idea. ...


Travelstart acquires Hong Kong’s Satisfly to boost its social intelligence chops

Satisfly Cape Town-headquartered online flight booking company Travelstart has acquired Satisfly, a Hong Kong-based social intelligence company. Founded in 2008, Satisfly uses big data and social media insights to help travel companies better understand and interact with their customers. Its co-founder Sergio Mello will be joining the Travelstart team as Head of Innovation, while remaining CEO of Satisfly. According to Travelstart, the acquisition will empower it to "create more meaningful experiences for their customers through social media data". This, it ...

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SA radar startup iKubu exits to Garmin technologies

Backtracker-rear iKubu, the Stellenbosch, South African-based company popularly responsible for the Bactracker bicycle radar technology, has exited to satellite navigation multinational Garmin. Grindstone fellow, iKubu last year introduced its Backtracker technology to the world as a means to test out the market and make a name for itself internationally. Although the company didn't manage to reach its US$194 000 (over R2.2-million) funding goal, it turns out its plans ended up working out after all. “iKubu has found a way to implement short-range radar ...

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Redfish wants to become the top space for SA’s manual labour workforce

Redfish Ever find yourself paging through the Yellow Pages (or Google), looking for that one plumber who knows what he's doing but doesn't cost a fortune? Of course you do. If only there was a way you could find skilled tradesmen with backing reviews and a relevant asking price. Well, this is exactly what Redfish has been up to for the last two years. If you haven't heard of it, Redfish essentially acts as a tradesman-meets-customer supply and demand platform with ratings ...

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Online auctioning site LiveBids launches, introduces pay-per-bid model

LiveBids LiveBids Auctions has recently launched in a bid to take on South African hot shots like BidorBuy and international ones such as Ebay. These are all large tasks for any startup, so we've chatted to the co-founder Rory Vollmer and Paul von Hoesslin about their vision for the company. The team describes LiveBids as online buying and selling reinvented as it's said to be the only social online marketplace to empower both the buyer and the sellers. Though one feature that does ...

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Israeli VCs raised US$914-million in 2014, the most in six years

Israel Flag Israel is, without doubt, one of the most exciting startup hotspots on the planet. If it's not the admiring government support, it's the succinct financial support being made available as this new findings come to show. A new report by IVC Research Online shows that the Venture Capital (VC) cookie jar got filled to the brim in 2014. Twelve VC firms managed to raise nearly US$1-billion with the average fund size of US$76-million which is an increase of 55%. These numbers, which ...

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How do you infiltrate the startup ecosystem in Africa?

Wall Yellow The question posed by the headline makes Africa's VC (Venture Capitalist) ecosystem seem like the mafia, where your cousin Vinny has to introduce you to the godfather and you have to get through a series of tests to get into the inner circle of this elite group. In some ways, it pretty much is like that, or at least that's what it will have you believe. I have been asked this question many times and it wasn't until I took ...