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Samsung showcases Solar Powered Internet Schools in Senegal

Samsung SPIS 2 Less than 25% of Africa's rural areas have access to reliable electricity supplies, says Samsung Electronics. This affects many individual's access to basic services such as education and healthcare. In this light Samsung has launched its Solar Powered Internet Schools Initiative (SPIS) -- independent classrooms that aim to increase accessibility to education and connectivity in remote areas of Africa -- at The Dakar Financing Summit for Africa's Infrastructure, held in Senegal. These SPIS classrooms were actually first launched in 2011 with ...

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Collaborative consumption: eBay, entrepreneurship and Africa’s mass potential

consumption_final_JPEG Technology has changed the world, no doubt about that. By extension it has changed the way we live our lives, do business and make money. Collaborative consumption is of course nothing new. Long before the advent of the internet and smartphones, we had carpooling and timeshares. The beauty of technology is just that it has made the sharing economy so much more accessible. Now you, the potential investor (or sharer) just need to figure out how and why it works so ...

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PayPal finally extends services to Nigeria, 9 other emerging markets

paypal_logo Online payments have picked up steam across the world, but certain countries, mostly due to lack of telecommunications infrastructure and the threat of fraud, have seen the rollout of such services slow to non-existent. This week though, PayPal, one of the world's leading internet payment companies, has officially opened up its services in Nigeria and nine other countries -- markets that according to Reuters, are often fraught with fraud. The full list of countries PayPal is expanding to offers up potentially 80-million ...


SA businesses should gear up for stricter revised BEE codes

business-plan South African businesses will have to go the extra mile in the next few years to maintain their codes in relation to the Department of Trade Industry's (DTI) Revised Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) plan. Though the business process might become more complex, there are existing tools that can help simplify the process. The BEE plan seeks companies to adhere to certain standards that would see the economic development of those previously disadvantaged under the Apartheid government. Saul Symanowitz, Divisional Manager at Sage ...

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Microsoft is all about Moroccan women with new cloud startup academy

Microsoft-logo Blazing through Africa and pretty much doing its thing, Microsoft 4Afrika, in conjunction with the Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Morocco (AFEM), and INWI launched a Cloud Startup Academy in Morocco. The idea around the Cloud Startup Academy is to build a project focused at female entrepreneurs in Morocco and help them launch innovative startups, based on the latest Cloud technology. According to the programme organisers, 50 Moroccan women will be selected, where they will receive training that ...


6 lessons on innovation from Bill and Melinda Gates: number 4 will break your heart

Bill and Melinda Gates I listened to the commencement speech from Bill and Melinda Gates at Stanford University over the weekend and one thing stood out: the couple are big on innovation. This is, after all, the guy that revolutionised the face of personal computing. The speech was quite thought provoking, on what true innovation really is and what technology is and can be used for. Is the role of technology to make people's lives better? Whose life? Should innovation bridge the digital divide? Who is ...

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Deloitte’s Fast50 takes a swing at finding African tech’s best and brightest

deloitte fast50 800 Growing a successful business can be hard work, and sometimes you just wish you had some recognition for all the blood, sweat and tears you put into your venture. Well professional services firm Deloitte is handing up that opportunity with its Fast50 Africa Programme, designed to recognise technological innovation across the continent. Focused solely on recognising technology companies that have achieved the fastest rates of revenue growth in Africa over the past five years, the Fast50 is looking for the best ...


From gadgets to data: win a business starter kit with Microsoft!

microsoft xbox nokia windows 8 Still running your business using Windows XP? Or do you just need some equipment to keep you connected? We can help. We've teamed up with Microsoft to give away bundles of software, data and gadgets to help your business move forward. Three winners will receive a prize worth R25 000, containing: A Dell Venue 8 tablet, HP Pavilion x360° notebook, Nokia Lumia 520, plus 3 gigabytes of data per month as well as a Microsoft Office 365 licence How to enter: All ...


9 things we wish African entrepreneurs would invent already

Mad Scientist There are times when it seems like there is an app for everything and entrepreneurs would have to reach pretty far to keep building new things. But in Africa, there are many things that need to be invented and problems that need to be solved. As an interested party in the African startup and entrepreneur ecosystem, we obviously have a few things we think need to be built on the continent. We decided to put together a list of things we ...

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SleepOut embarks on ‘Zanzibar to Lagos African Tour’ to connect with community

sleepout Offering a digital marketplace can be a challenging endeavour -- particularly when it comes to connecting with the very users who populate your platform. With this in mind, African accomodation marketplace SleepOut, which allows users to find, book and offer accommodation, will be touching base with its community of hosts and travellers across Africa on its 'Zanzibar to Lagos African Tour' for a 12-week period starting in June. The SleepOut team, comprising CEO Johann Jenson, CTO Paul Schwarz and Ayako Bertolli (Head of ...