Business on a budget: 5 tech tips for digital startups to cut costs

funding The internet is full of advice on how startups should cut costs. Much of them start with ‘start from home’ and lead to ‘cut down on the fancy furniture’ and ‘go green’. Some go as far as suggesting ‘keep manpower thin’. In an era of global warming, ‘go green’ is a solution not only for startups but for all small enterprises and large conglomerates too, an activity that cuts across industries – very important to earn carbon credits. Start from ...

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Gust Pay launches Rocking the Daisies app, showcases NFC wristband tech

Gust Pay app Can't find your car or tent at the festival? Just one of the many inconveniences mobile payments startup Gust Pay wants to sort out. The company launched its Rocking the Daisies festival app recently in order to simplify and modify your festival experience. The startup will furthermore showcase its NFC wristband technology to improve things like payments and access control. The app takes advantage of advanced navigation smartphone features and sensors to guide over 16 000 people rocking out at Daisies ...


Don’t knock copy-cat innovation, it fuels the real stuff

Copycat innovation Google wanted a more networking-friendly Facebook, so it created Google+. Apple’s team wanted its own navigation app, so it tried its hand at Google Maps. Facebook didn’t want to miss out on Snapchat-sized success, so Facebook whipped up its own app, Poke. Tech companies are notorious for copying each other’s products and services, essentially “stealing” ideas. While some consumers get frustrated with companies releasing copycat products, the reality is that this game of one-upmanship results in better services for the ...

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Nigerian online marketplace Kaymu expands to Morocco and Ghana

Kaymu Part of Africa Internet Holding, Nigerian online shopping marketplace Kaymu recently announced that it's launching its service in two new markets. By opening up to both Morocco and Ghana, the startup aims to connect more buyers and sellers in a more convenient and productive way. Kaymu offers an online market service which enables businesses and individuals to sell items at no additional cost. Customers on the other hand have access to a large selection of products including electronics, gadgets, books, ...

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Canada looking to entice SA entrepreneurs with startup visa

Mountie If for whatever reason, you're sick of the South African startup scene (maybe being able to see Table Mountain from your office window just doesn't do it for you any more), you might find this intriguing. Canada is actively recruiting foreign entrepreneurs with a startup visa programme. Introduced by the Canadian government, the programme is meant to assist qualified entrepreneurs interested in relocating to Canada. According Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the visa is part of Canada's plans to show that ...


The unwavering persistence of entrepreneurs

Persistence The following is a transcription of a keynote speech made by Memeburn publisher and Creative Spark founder Matthew Buckland at the Youth Entrepreneurs Connect Conference at the Cape Town ICC on 28 September. In the speech, Buckland explores how the internet has helped bring entrepreneurship to the fore, and the impact it has had on South Africa. Drawing on his own experiences, he also describes how vital it is that universities support entrepreneurship and allow students, who are so inclined, ...


Here’s how to improve your odds in the startup funding lottery

Lottery The tech community is often abuzz with news about startups receiving funding. Journalists, fellow startups, and readers will focus on the technical expertise and business model which led to their success. However, people forget that the biggest criterion to getting financed is the ability to raise money. Not every business needs cash to start, as the solo founder or a team of co-founders can bootstrap. Even then, eating instant noodles, sleeping in the office, and coding all day will likely be ...

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SA environment creating the ‘perfect storm’ for ecommerce industry

ecommerce sites According to Groupon South Africa, the country's current online environment is creating the "perfect storm" for a lucrative eCommerce industry. While certain internet statistics suggest that an online market is taking shape, competition is furthermore becoming more and more significant. Earlier this month at The South African eCommerce Awards 2013, Yuppiechef was awarded best eCommerce Website of the year with Simplicity and Takealot being the runners-up. Groupon SA, which was also one of the 20 finalists, has accordingly received positive feedback ...

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Speed, convenience, safety: contactless payments’ role in mobile money transfer

Contactless payments With the steady introduction of contactless payment systems in parts of South Africa, a new wave of convenience for low-value transactions is becoming a reality. There is an opportunity for startups to take advantage of this uptake, but to do so they need to demystify this new trend, and the tech behind it. Just what is this technology? How does it work, and is it secure? These are questions that many people are starting to ask. With 70% mobile penetration ...


PHPSouthAfrica: for the developer who cares about the craft

phpSA If you have a tech startup, more often than not you are looking for a developer, or you are a developer and would like to network with your peers and perhaps get some help with a particularly buggy piece of code. If so then, listen up. Aimed at proficient developers, new developers and people who care about developers, with a core focus on coding 'Craft' as both skill and passion, PHPSouthAfrica is a two day conference that hopes to help ...