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‘Lagos Silicon Village’ to become Africa’s next tech hub by 2020

3D Africa According to an analyst, Lagos is expected to become Africa’s technology hub by 2020. That's per recent trends that have seen an impressive number of tech startups sprung up within the last few years. In efforts to further encourage and embrace this vision, chief campaigner for the "Lagos Silicon Village" has officially detailed his plans recently. Tomiwa Idowu, partner at Hudson & Idowu and chief campaigner for the Lagos Silicon Village, detailed his plans and vision to develop "Africa's next tech ...

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SnappCab: the hail-a-cab startup looking to catalyse SA’s cab industry

SnappCab logo Need a ride? There's a new mobile-friendly option to get you from point A to B. SnappCab is a multi-platform hail-a-cab app to order, use and pay for metered cabs generally based on the user's GPS location. The service is available on the web, Android, iOS and will be available on BlackBerry and Windows 8 very soon. Though competition in the space seems rife, what stands out most would most likely be SnappCab's focus on multi-user functionality and platform friendliness. You ...

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Startup Blitz: Secret Agent connects brands to consumer feedback at POS

secret agent blitz This week's Startup Blitz features Michael Metelerkamp from Secret Agent -- a platform that connects brands with customer feedback in the form of location-based surveys, mystery shopping, photo contests and retail audits. On the brand side, Secret Agent compiles customer feedback on stores into a neat, visual report. This means that a manager doesn't have to get 50 reports on 50 stores, but can rather get one report, with photos and multiple choice questions answered. On the other ...

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Learn the secrets of crowdfunding success with ‘The People of Kickstarter’

The People of Kickstarter Have you ever wondered what the secret recipe to success is with popular Kickstarter projects? In an effort to tell the stories of the most successful crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter, entrepreneur Andrew Gale is currently raising funds for a book titled The People of Kickstarter . The book features ten popular products from successful Kickstarter campaigns, such as the Pebble smartwatch which managed to raise more than US$10-million through its campaign. Ever since the cash and publicity injection was found ...

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Gyft raises $5m in Series A, investors include Ashton Kutcher’s VC fund

gyft new website Gyft, the digital gift card platform that enables consumers to buy, send, manage and redeem gift cards via their mobile devices, has announced today that it has raised additional capital from new investors. Those investors are A-Grade Investments, The Social+Capital Partnership, Karlin Ventures, Haas Portman and angel investor and CEO of Yammer, David O. Sacks. This comes in the wake of last year's seed round the company received from Google Ventures, Founder Collective and 500 Startups at TechCrunch Disrupt 2012. ...


Langhar: India’s ‘Airbnb for food’ rides collaborative consumption wave

langhar Langhar is an Airbnb for food, allowing home cooks to convert their homes into restaurants to earn extra income. For foodies, it's a change of scenery, but for everyone else, the financial, time-based and even health related plusses to eating unique home cooked dishes, are compelling reasons to pay attention to one of Delhi's latest culinary ventures. Author of What’s Mine is Yours: How Collaborative Consumption Is Changing The Way We Live, Rachel Botsman, noted how technology is creating “micro-preneurs” -- ...


R1bn in six months: mobile transactions kicking ass in SA

mobile_africa Speaking truth to Africa's mobile frenzy, mobile transaction enabler wiGroup has processed in-store mobile phone transactions worth over R1-billon in 2013. This is a 500% increase on the 2012 number according to the company as major retailers, including Shoprite Checkers and Pick n Pay have come on line with applications like EeziCoupon and MTN Mobile Money. The Cape Town-based wiGroup is mobile software business, that focuses on the development of mobile transaction and application technology, while specializing on the integration into ...

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Is Russia’s ecommerce market a stirring giant? [infographic]

When you think of Russia you probably imagine vodka, Moscow and the mob, before thinking European country with the most internet users, and country with arguably the biggest potential for ecommerce growth on the continent. Fair enough, movies and news tend to focus on the former three, rather than the latter two, but it might be high-time to debunk that list, because Russia is an internet giant waking up, and it's potential is large to ignore. Russia is an ecommerce market ...


Africa’s age of disruption: where are all the makers?

africa growth I like the word disruption. It's one of a few chaotic words that are trendy right now, and it's used in a good way. These days if you work in tech you must be disruptive: if you are not trying to disrupt an industry then what good are you? Disruption. That's the watchword. In Africa today it is more important than ever to disrupt industries and change the way things are done. Africa is at the forefront of tech innovation (especially ...

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Tech4Africa to showcase latest mobile, web and emerging technologies

Tech4Africa Tech4Africa is an annual event that's said to be the premier mobile, web & emerging technology conference, bringing global perspective to the African context. The event aims to introduce, inform and inspire attendees by focusing on topics ranging from mobile, tech startups and other innovative tech. Content and topics of discussion will range from a variety of current trends and emerging technologies in Africa and abroad. These topics will include mobile development, mobile money and new databases like MongoDB. IBM's ...