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Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship lends hand to African startups

liberia At the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship (BCOE) in Johannesburg, South Africa fifteen entrepreneurs from Liberia recently took part in a foundation course that covered the essential fundamentals of running a startup. Apart from scratching up on accounting and business planning, more importantly, entrepreneurs were taught the art and science of breaking the rules to capture the imagination of customers and investors alike. This is part of a broader programme to further the aspirations of the African continent's entrepreneurs. In addition ...

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3 quick tips on how to be a lean startup [Video]

jacques venturetv snip 800 Welcome to the second episode of our brand new YouTube show VentureTV -- a show for entrepreneurs where we'll share tools, tips and insights to help you run your startup better, or anything we think will add value to your startup journey. You've probably heard of The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, potentially the quintessential book on the principles of being lean in the startup world. Recently, Daniel Marcus of Magnetic wrote a great piece on what he learned from reading Ries' ...

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Rethink Education: a startup’s crusade to revolutionise the way we learn

Rethink-lead Based in South Africa, Douglas Hoernle, went from working in the Cape's wine industry to the edtech space when he co-founded the startup Rethink Education. He says that his family always had a passion for education and that he was looking to do something with a greater, lasting social impact than what the fine arts of the wine industry has to offer. He looked at one of the fathers of modern elearning for inspiration -- Salman Khan -- who's the founder ...


Don’t PANIC: why you need to find a mentor for your startup

yoda “And that is how we’re going to get to $25-million in revenue within 18 months!” I bit my lip and scratched my head. Sitting opposite me was a small business owner with over 10 years experience in his industry. By all outward appearances he seemed to know what he was talking about. However, there was a huge disconnect between the realities of business and his vision for the future. “Have you ever had a mentor?” I asked as politely as ...


POPI will have a big impact on how your business does tech: here’s how

Private The Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) act is about ensuring the personal information of your employees, partners and customers is relevant and managed securely. In essence, you shouldn’t have any information about someone beyond that which you require for your business. Equally, you must take every reasonable measure to secure that information. For IT companies, this means the access to sensitive information in an organisation needs to be managed on an ongoing basis. It isn’t good enough to do a probe ...


Wanted: entrepreneurs under 40 to take to Israel, must love startups

sa flag 650 Arguably, the best access any entrepreneur can have is access to the world. Access to new markets, possible trade partners and the ability to understand the startup landscape and consumer market beyond their borders. This is what MyStartUp and the South Africa-Israel Forum, with the support of the Entrepreneurship Development Trust as well as Investec, are trying to do. The idea is to take 12 South African entrepreneurs on a one-week trip to Israel. "[The aim is to] introduce the group to ...

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India’s Flipkart raises $210 million, investors include Naspers

Flipkart-Logo Hot off the back of acquiring rival online shopping site Myntra, India's ecommerce leader Flipkart announced that it has raised a new round of funding at US$210 million. Flipkart, which is often referred to as the 'Indian Amazon' saw this round led by DST Global, while other investors included Tiger Global, Iconiq Capital, and South African-based Naspers. Flipkart's acquisition of fashion ecommerce site Myntra was reported to be around the US$300 million mark and it was anticipated that Flipkart would raise more capital. In ...

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GovHackSA devs create micro-polling app to make citizens more active

GovHackSA As part of World Design Capital Event in May this year, GovHackSA took place in Cape Town over the weekend. The day-long hackathon saw more than 40 novice to experienced coders come together and find creative solutions to problems posed by the City of Cape Town. There were three challenges. Each participant could choose which challenge they wanted to work on, and teams were formed organically. Dubbed the Last Mile for the Base of the Pyramid, the first ...


Takealot gets $100-million from Tiger Global but no expansion plans… yet

Takealot Things are looking good for one of South Africa's biggest ecommerce players -- Takealot. According to a TechCrunch report, the site has just secured a staggering US$100-million from Tiger Global Management. The site was founded in the 2002 as Take2, but was later relaunched as Takealot in 2010 by Tiger Global Management and CEO Kim Reid. Takealot offers an extensive range of locally supplied and imported books, DVDs, music, games, electronics and toys with delivery to your doorstep. This investment is a ...


Listen to the early adopters: 3 tried and tested Lean Startup principles to follow

Lean-Startup-Eric-Reis The day I picked up Eric Reis' The Lean Startup I couldn’t put it down. If you’re a startup or just looking to move into the startup world and you haven’t read it, do yourself a favour and grab a copy of The Lean Startup today. I've gained a fair mount of knowledge over the years from starting, building, failing and succeeding in a number of businesses. However, if I had read this book when I started my first venture over ...