4 things you need to know about shifting your employees from a ‘cost’ to ‘revenue’ mentality

nerves-346928_1280 The "daily grind" is a somewhat negative phrase, and whether your employees are happy or not, chances are they can relate to it in some way. The same job day after day can get a little old for anyone — especially if it’s unclear how his or her work is providing value to the company. That’s why it’s critical to empower employees at every level of your company with open communication and a strong understanding of business analytics. By helping them ...

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Microsoft’s EmployMentor to empower 150 female graduate students in Kenya

microsoft 4afrika alt Female graduate students from 24 universities in Kenya will benefit from a mentorship programme by Microsoft and other local partners. The programme, called EmployMentor, started on Monday and 150 female students have been selected to be part of it. The programme is a partnership between Microsoft, its 4Afrika initiative, and the African Centre for Women in Information and Communications Technology (ACWICT). The aim of the programme is to promote skills development and job placement for young female graduates in technology and ...


What do returning expats need to know about setting up business in SA?

Airplane wing There are ample opportunities available to South Africa’s talented entrepreneurs. For those who can identify a gap, and leverage both skills and experience, South Africa’s business landscape is rife with potential. My journey as an expat returning to set up a business in South Africa has underscored this point for me. Having worked in the United Kingdom for several years, I decided to move back to raise my son in SA. I had always joked about starting the company in SA, ...

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SA’s mobile budget app Bsavi launches at Web Summit, set to take on the world

bsavi A new personal finance startup, Bsavi, founded by a group of South Africans has finally launched at Web Summit. While it's currently open as an invite-only service, people interested in testing out the budget app can start queuing and sign-up on its website. South Africa's home to many financial tech startups, each with its own kicks and quirks. In January this year, Old Mutual bank's popular money management platform 22seven became free to use for all its users. Bsavi, however, notes that ...

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Free WiFi initiative Project Isizwe launches mobile-friendly VoD service

Project Isizwe South Africa's free WiFi startup initiative Project Isizwe has rolled out its services from Gauteng to the Western Cape, giving people access to education, jobs and news resources via their mobile devices. Now, Isizwe has launched WiFi TV -- a mobile-friendly video-on-demand (VoD) service available for unlimited access. In July this year, Project Isizwe announced that it would start implementing over 200 new hotspots across the City of Tshwane. Just a week later, major South African classifieds Gumtree announced that it would ...


Dragons’ Den SA Episode 7: sweetening the deal

Dragons Den SA 7 What do collectible marbles, a kiddies table, a macadamia nut processing plant and bespoke confectionery shop have in common? The answer, which should be fairly obvious given that you're reading this article is that they're all things that were pitched on the latest episode of Dragons' Den SA. While a number of the episodes in the season so far have had a definite theme to them, this one appeared fairly random. That said, this was also one of the episodes ...

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WPP acquires Gloo through Ogilvy & Mather

Ogloovy Advertising giant WPP has acquired Gloo, one of South Africa's largest digital agencies, through its flagship marketing communications network Ogilvy & Mather. Gloo has made a serious name for itself since its founding in 2005, winning multiple awards and nailing down big-name clients including FNB, Microsoft, the Discovery Channel and British Airways. The digital agency’s audited revenues for the financial year ended June 2014 were ZAR 70.5 million with gross assets as at the same date of ZAR 27.5 million. Ventureburn ...


Is video interviewing actually good for your startup’s diversity?

SkypeVideoCall_Web You may have heard about the recent Dunkin’ Donuts discrimination scandal, where a man was denied employment because his religion requires him to take certain times off. Or last month’s Food Lion case where a change in position interfered with a worker’s religious schedule. No, it’s not 1941 or even the year of discrimination, but discriminatory practices in employment and hiring are still a problem. Since the introduction of video interviewing as a tech best practice in hiring, employers, hiring managers, and ...

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Nomanini, Paratus Telecom brings mobile airtime distribution service to Namibia

Nomanini Namibia Paratus We've covered South African point of sale (PoS) startup Nomanini extensively in the past (especially its airtime distribution service), but now it's broadening horizons across the border in Namibia, partnering with one of the country's chief ICT providers, Paratus Telecom, to bring rural airtime retailers a "business in a box." Dubbed the Katiti, the brightly coloured box houses some nifty airtime-retrieving technology, including a battery large enough to last for five days on one charge. One charge takes just eight hours. ...


RSAWeb targets small businesses with CityFibre offering

network cables connected to switch Without a decent internet connection, running a startup or small business can be like trying to do a bike race with a flat tyre. Fortunately, there's an increasing range of options available to the entrepreneur, offering increasingly high-speed connections. The latest comes from RSAWeb and claims to offer users in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town internet access at up to 200Mbps for both uploading and downloading. Called CityFibre, the offering is uncapped, with packages ranging from R7 999 per month ...