Dragons’ Den SA Episode 7: sweetening the deal

Dragons Den SA 7 What do collectible marbles, a kiddies table, a macadamia nut processing plant and bespoke confectionery shop have in common? The answer, which should be fairly obvious given that you're reading this article is that they're all things that were pitched on the latest episode of Dragons' Den SA. While a number of the episodes in the season so far have had a definite theme to them, this one appeared fairly random. That said, this was also one of the episodes ...

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WPP acquires Gloo through Ogilvy & Mather

Ogloovy Advertising giant WPP has acquired Gloo, one of South Africa's largest digital agencies, through its flagship marketing communications network Ogilvy & Mather. Gloo has made a serious name for itself since its founding in 2005, winning multiple awards and nailing down big-name clients including FNB, Microsoft, the Discovery Channel and British Airways. The digital agency’s audited revenues for the financial year ended June 2014 were ZAR 70.5 million with gross assets as at the same date of ZAR 27.5 million. Ventureburn ...


Is video interviewing actually good for your startup’s diversity?

SkypeVideoCall_Web You may have heard about the recent Dunkin’ Donuts discrimination scandal, where a man was denied employment because his religion requires him to take certain times off. Or last month’s Food Lion case where a change in position interfered with a worker’s religious schedule. No, it’s not 1941 or even the year of discrimination, but discriminatory practices in employment and hiring are still a problem. Since the introduction of video interviewing as a tech best practice in hiring, employers, hiring managers, and ...

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Nomanini, Paratus Telecom brings mobile airtime distribution service to Namibia

Nomanini Namibia Paratus We've covered South African point of sale (PoS) startup Nomanini extensively in the past (especially its airtime distribution service), but now it's broadening horizons across the border in Namibia, partnering with one of the country's chief ICT providers, Paratus Telecom, to bring rural airtime retailers a "business in a box." Dubbed the Katiti, the brightly coloured box houses some nifty airtime-retrieving technology, including a battery large enough to last for five days on one charge. One charge takes just eight hours. ...


RSAWeb targets small businesses with CityFibre offering

network cables connected to switch Without a decent internet connection, running a startup or small business can be like trying to do a bike race with a flat tyre. Fortunately, there's an increasing range of options available to the entrepreneur, offering increasingly high-speed connections. The latest comes from RSAWeb and claims to offer users in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town internet access at up to 200Mbps for both uploading and downloading. Called CityFibre, the offering is uncapped, with packages ranging from R7 999 per month ...

Venture capital

7 technical risks every startup investor should be aware of

Toss Dice By: Vasiliy Soloshchuk & Vitaliy Koval Implementing a startup project, regardless of its nature, is associated with a number of risks that need to be taken into consideration. When a project is implemented properly, these risks can be efficiently curbed by the startup founders during the different stages of the project lifecycle. Statistically, more than 20% of all the risks technology projects are derailed by are associated with a startup’s technical implementation, and not the erroneous selection of the market niche, or ...

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India is home to 3rd-biggest startup ecosystem in the world, says report

tah mahal india In what should come as heartening news for Indians after being placed at No. 142 in the World Bank's Doing Business ratings, India has been ranked as the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world, behind the USA and UK. The India Startup Report 2014, released at the three day National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) Product Conclave 2014 in Bangalore, also says that the country's startup ecosystem is the fastest-growing in the world. The following were the key findings of this study: More ...

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Sage Business Index 2014 reveals SMEs’ falling confidence in South African economy

South African Money The outlook of South African businesses on the state of the country's economy is not at all optimistic, suggests this year's Sage Business Index. While the country has seen a recent technology startup boom, the companies' confidence index has dropped 5.38 points which made South Africa the nation with the lowest confidence index of the 18 countries surveyed this year. Over 13 000 decision makers from SMEs were questioned. "It is vital that Government and other stakeholders work together to arrest this ...


Big Inja is the startup hound that wants to barcode your business

Big-Inja We've seen some exciting developments happening in the QR space, with the likes of SnapScan and its competitor Zapper having injected a fresh sense of purpose and experimentation in South Africa's mobile payments scene. Now -- trying to find the holy grail in the B2B space -- Big Inja (meaning big dog in Zulu) thinks it's up to the task of automating business processes, using its cloud-based barcode and QR code scanner app. In a nutshell, Big Inja's app barcodes your business ...

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Fail fast, succeed faster: Lean Startup Machine finally kicks-off in Joburg

Lean-Startup-Machine-Cape-Town-logo In the spirit of startup education, this weekend the popular 48-hour workshop for startups is kicking off in Johannesburg, South Africa from 31 October to 2 November. The Lean Startup Machine (LSM) launched earlier this year in Cape Town with much success and inspiration. The initiative is supported by the likes of Standard Bank, Microsoft Ventures and Elance, and mentored by Professor Barry Dwolatzky, director of the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) and founder of TechInBraam. Revolving around the methodology, fail fast ...