3 interactive maps that will make your life easier in Cape Town

maps In order to make our lives a bit more convenient, a couple of developers in Cape Town, South Africa have conjured up some very nifty maps that we've decided to round up for you. By mostly crowdsourcing data from the public, and leveraging tools like Google Maps, these sites listed below have enabled us all to get a bird's eye view of where what is in the Mother City. Know where to find free Wi-Fi The site is aptly titled Find ...

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This startup lets you buy and sell affordable artwork online

Art Having had his work featured in publications like Mail & Guardian, Financial Times and Elle Magazine, South African artist Atang Tshikare has recently been making a name for himself locally and abroad. He is also one of the many artists currently using the online marketplace, Unsung Art. "We make beautiful original art affordable to the amateur art collector and also give the emerging (and established) artist an alternative online platform to showcase their work," says co-founder of Unsung Art Jessica Kramer. ...


Budget-friendly uberX hits Cape Town with free rides for the long weekend

Uber CT Alright Capetonians, no more complaints about Toyota Corollas and Avanzas picking you up when you order an UberBlack. Yup, the luxury car ordering service is relegating the "not so luxury" cars into its X range, which launched in Cape Town today. Uber's Cape Town team has been hinting at including the low-cost option into its service offering for some time now. "We are thrilled to launch uberX in Cape Town today. This new service means that you can now ...

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SA tech company launches Vuya solar powered tablet

Millbug South African tech company Millbug has recently announced its Vuya tablet PC together with its grand vision of bringing affordable gadgets to local areas with limited access to electricity. Vuya carries a price tag of just R1 500 and is developed with one of South Africa's most widely available resources in mind: the sun. The tablet relies on a solar charger (which is bundled with the device) as well as traditional electricity power outlets. Apart from having a very nice ring to ...


The Future Africa Awards and Summit announce global expansion

TFAAS This week, the Central Working Committee of the Future Africa Awards & Summit(TFAAS) announced its formal global expansion of its brain trust.Conversely, the TFAAS will be expanding their Board of Judges, along with their Independent Audit Committee and its Global Board of Advisors. According to Mfon Ekpo, a memeber of the Central Working Committee and Fellow with President Barack Obama's Young African Leaders Initiave, the expansion will consist of distinguished leaders from across the world. The announcement coincides ...

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Government and big business must work together to grow SA’s SME sector

growth flickr As Nigeria's economic growth has eclipsed South Africa's, it brings to light areas where the country's growth potential is not being realised. Growing the SME sector is a viable option for growing a country's economy, but this does not just happen without input from the government and bigger, more established, businesses. For the best impact, big business and government should work together -- and not in silos -- to help stimulate the SME sector. South Africa's population is one of the youngest ...

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AfroCab launches mobile taxi-hailing platform in Nigeria

afrocab This is somewhat surprising, there's another taxi app making a play on the African continent, this time specifically in Nigeria, and the app's name is AfroCab. Not dissimilar to Tranzit or EasyTaxi, AfroCab offers commuters a way to call for a cab with the push of a button on their mobile phones. Interestingly, users can set their own price prior to calling for the cab, to which the app suggests a fare that most closely matches the request. There are no payments ...

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Surefire tips to make your crowdfunding campaign a success [Video]

crowdfunding tips snip 800 Welcome to the latest episode of our new YouTube show VentureTV -- a show for entrepreneurs where we share tools, tips and insights to help you run your startup better, or anything we think will add value to your startup journey. Having success with a crowdfunding campaign has become something of an art. From the design of your campaign page to getting early traction before going live, there are some tricks you can use to better your chances of getting that ...

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uAfrica announces speakers for SA eCommerce Conference

ecommcerce-SA The renowned ecommerce company, uAfrica, is announcing the speakers for the annual South African eCommerce Conference which will be taking place 4 September 2014. The speakers will include both local and international industry experts and will discuss significant topics based on current trends and statistics. Andy Higgins, Managing Director of uAfrica says that this event presents a great opportunity for all business experts in South Africa seeking to tap into the online shopping market. "The 2014 South African eCommerce Conference ...

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SA Cleantech Innovation Programme is calling all green startups

Cleantech-SA The South African Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP) for SMEs has officially launched in South Africa. In collaboration with GEF, UNIDO and TIA, the programme is currently calling for applications for the Cleantech Competition and Accelerator Programme. The aim of this initiative is to tackle the planet’s most imminent environmental challenges and enable small businesses to play a pivotal role in finding local innovative solutions. Entrepreneurs sprouting from fields such as efficiency, renewable energy, waste-to-energy, and water efficiency will all be ...