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Glamour startup rubybox joins stable

rubybox.jpg This is interesting. Makeup and beauty subscription service rubybox has joined the stable as the Naspers-owned portal expands beyond its core publishing business. Rubybox, which acquired competitor GlamBox SA last year as part of an investment deal with VC company Hasso Platner Ventures Africa, was launched in September 2011 by Sylvia Gruber and co-founder Margaux Knuppe in 2011. It claims to have a consumer base of around 50 000 -- something it thinks will combine well with the six-million ...

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QuickTicket launches crowdfunding campaign, aims to solve transport issues

quick ticket Cameroon-based company QuickTicket has launched a campaign on Indiegogo today with the hopes of ultimately raising US$14 880. The company aims to solve the problem of purchasing and making ticket related arrangements in many parts of Africa. The web-based platform will let travelers and agencies view bus schedules, reserve or purchase tickets, preview each bus plan and choose favorable seats, monitor the status of buses they book for and check for parcel deliveries. They will also receive bus status updates and ...

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The importance of ballast to entrepreneurs

yacht via flickr James Qualtrough In my book, there are two types of entrepreneurs -- the serious variety who use technology and innovation to disrupt industries and deliver major impacts and revenues, and the lifestyle variety who have swapped a job at a corporate for a startup that delivers incremental improvement on a problem set that is minor in nature. Lifestyle entrepreneurs often build companies that end up selling time and expertise rather than a unique product or solution that drives change. Their startups never ...

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A win for social startups: Malaysia’s Joota secures $700K funding round

joota Joot Ventures Sdn Bhd, the company that developed Joota, a social content network, today announced that it has secured a total of USD 700K funding from two investment sources -- US$500K from Interactive E Solutions JLT of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and, US$200K from an undisclosed individual angel investor. The new cash infusion will boost the startup's finance product development and support its global marketing moves. The news shows that social startups still manage to attract investment, at least in Malaysia. ...

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GoMetro Jobs: new jobs portal for commuters launches in South Africa

Gometro GoMetro, the startup that publishes real-time transport information for commuters, today announced the launch of a mobile jobs portal, GoMetro Jobs. Keeping in line with the startup's previous team effort -- read more about the iROKING music service partnership -- it is introducing the service with the help of cloud-based recruitment software company, graylink. Commuters will have access to 500 (or so) job listings from employers like Discovery, Shoprite, Mercedes Benz, Telkom and Woolworths. Graylink CEO Mark Gray says that the partnership ...


Smart Voicemail: the Indian startup aiming to evolve your voicemail

Smart Voicemail I think we’re beginning to see a growing influx of Asian entrepreneurs looking at problems outside of Asia to solve. Smart Voicemail is a startup along these lines that tackles a problem you just don’t see in Asia. The startup focuses on automating voicemails for people in the USA and Europe. It’s only something we see in developed nations that didn’t leapfrog straight into cellphones and texting. In the USA, people used to receive voicemails on their answering machines. Just ...

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Flexibility vs instability: pros and cons of working at a startup [Infographic]

Pros-and-cons-of-working-at-a-startup-650 width Like most things in life, working at a young dynamic startup company has its ups and downs. A recent unofficial survey of more than 150 startup employees suggests that low pay and lack of company structure are what concern them the most. What the survey has noted is that many of a startup company's characteristics are double-edged swords. For instance, having an open-minded work environment might mean that there'll be more space for your ideas but it lacks organisational structure. ...

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The East African startup landscape: everything you need to know

wikimedia commons So we have told South African startups what's what when it comes to the happenings of the country's startup ecosystem. People have been asking us about other parts of Africa and if we could put together a comprehensive guide for other regions as well. We have heard you and done as you have asked, this time putting our focus on East Africa. Update: yes, it's true: we've now put together a summary of the West African startup landscape too. As ...

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Digital shopping trends highlights mobile-connected middle class

ecommerce sites A recent report titled CPG in Developing Markets: Consumers' Digital Habits in Emerging Economies by eMarketer attempts to paint a better picture of projected growth in emerging regions in terms of consumers' digital shopping trends. This report could give us a general indication of what these regions' eCommerce market potential looks like. eMarketer points out that in many of these markets a young, mobile-connected middle class has emerged that is beginning to recognise and prefer name brands and shopping online. It ...


Startup founder? Here are 3 reasons why you should learn to code

education Since launching my startup Learnemy (a web application that finds you instructors for anything you want to learn) last April, I have seen more than 450 learners and 100 instructors come on board. I started without knowing how to code. I started with zero programming knowledge and didn’t manage to find a suitable technical co-founder. And so I picked up programming. The issue on whether non-technical founders should pick up programming has been widely discussed. Some of the reasons why non-tech ...