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Meet the 7 startups that pitched at Net Prophet’s Sparkup!Live

SparkUp-Live Last night the big names in technology and investment met up in downtown Cape Town with some of the most promising startup offerings in the city. Net Prophet's Sparkup!Live is a self-professed business gauntlet connecting founders to secure investment and (for some) a very prosperous future. The event hosted pitches by the top seven startups to come out of Net Prophet’s coveted training program for startups this past weekend. The key angel investors were made up of Cape Town’s technology ...


4 steps to successful crowdfunding every entrepreneur should follow

crowdfunding The right mental approach can make or break any endeavor. If you’re attending the wedding of your wife’s (annoying) cousin, and you go in grumbling, you definitely won’t have fun. But if you’re determined to enjoy yourself, you’ll make the most of that open bar and cheesy music and have a wonderful night out with the love of your life. It’s all about your attitude. Crowdfunding is no exception to this rule. It can provide a plethora of benefits, but only ...

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Zimbabwe Startup Weekend crowns winner: Kwese Music

zimbabwe flag Zimbabwe's first Startup Weekend was hosted by the local tech hub Hypercube recently and saw a three-day event full of mentors, judges and pitches. Out of all the entrepreneurs who pitched, the three finalists were MoneyGame, Combi Code and Kwese Music. The latter of which walked away with a bunch of prizes worth US$78 000. Tech Zim reports that Kwese Music has made an app and device called K'tamba which can conduct electrical current using everyday objects, such as fruit, as ...

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SA startups catch a tax break as Reserve Bank allows for offshore IP transfer

Intellectual Property The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has relaxed regulations for private companies in the country, which now makes it possible to transfer intellectual property (IP) offshore, reports TechCentral. According to ENS Africa IP director Chris Bull, restrictions on intellectual property assets has been one of the key obstacles for local businesses to tap into the international venture capital market. For private companies operating in technology, media, telecommunications, exploration and research and development sectors, it's now possible to seek approval for ...

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Flipboard’s Eric Feng: ‘build a team with potential, not specific expertise’

ANCHORMAN On May 5th at Beijing’s funky co-working space Tech Temple, Startup Grind’s Beijing Chapter hosted its inaugural event by welcoming Eric Feng. Feng is currently the CTO of Flipboard, and previously was the founding CTO of Hulu and a former venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins. Feng actually has close ties to China, as he spent time at Microsoft Research in Beijing he also founded the video startup Mojiti, which was ultimately acquired by Hulu and became the core technology behind ...

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5 reasons why Africa hasn’t embraced social business software… yet

co-creation Africa's adoption of social business software (SBS) has been at a much slower pace when compared to other continents. In fact, a recent visit to the US lifted the lid on a maturing market for SBS, a trend local businesses would do well to take note of. Enterprises across industries are using this approach to business supported by class software for high-impact engagement of various corporate audiences, unlocking huge value in doing so. Whether they're sourcing ideas, gathering market intelligence or ...

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EY report shows where investors are putting their money in Africa

EY-lead-image A recent report released by Ernst & Young, titled Executing Growth, EY’s 2014 Africa Attractiveness Survey, shows that foreign direct investment (FDI) in Sub-Saharan Africa has gone up by a massive 4.7% last year. With investment in technology, media and telecommunications showing the highest growth, and the retail industry second highest, the study also found a general shift from extractive industries like oil, gas and minerals to consumer-related sectors. This is very good news for the region indeed. Based on combined ...

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Breaking: ecommerce player uAfrica raises $1.5million funding round

uAfrica South African ecommerce outfit uAfrica has closed a US$1.5-million funding round led by online auction site Bidorbuy and the company's own managing director, Andy Higgins. The service was founded in 2004 and, in its current guise, provides cloud-based ecommerce services to small and medium-sized businesses across Africa. Prior to 2012 however, it was known as Jump Shopping and functioned as an online comparative shopping service. The name change came about after Higgins joined the business and saw its offerings expand to include a ...

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Grey Group advertising set to acquire major stake in SA’s Volcano Group

Grey-Group South Africa's ad industry is being shaken up. The global advertising and marketing agency, Grey Group, is today re-entering the South African market after it agreed to acquire a majority stake in The Volcano Group -- one of the country's fastest growing advertising communications groups. The Volcano Group, in turn, is rebranding as Grey Africa, which will focus on developing a strong local presence in South Africa as well as lead the brand's expansion in other key African markets. Grey has been ...


Send a tweet and get grilled cheese sandwiches delivered to your face

Grilled Cheese Flickr Have you ever glanced up from your computer screen while the sun was rising to the midpoint in the sky, felt your stomach complain in grumbles and wondered where you could find sustenance? Turns out it's pretty easy -- you just hit Twitter. A new pop-up take away service Trojan horse for a tech startup called the Grilled Cheese Club is here to make it all better. Launched today, the Club promises to faithfully deliver helpings of toasted cheesy goodness ...