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PriceCheck CEO talks mobile buying in SA, demos the PriceCheck app [Video]

andre de wet pricecheck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5dmKX8NqBA What is the future of mobile buying in South Africa and Africa? Andre de Wet, the CEO of PriceCheck -- arguably the most successful mobile online buying and shopping comparison app on the continent -- shares where the company is going and talks about the importance of brick-and-motor stores in online shopping in SA during this interview with Mich Atagana. This video's for you if you want to know more about SA's online buying habits. If you want to see a ...

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Governance and startups: the unique skills required for directorship

boardroom Being a director of a small to medium enterprise (SME) is both a science and an art. While it requires the same fundamental skills as those required for corporate environments, the unique nature of the SME environment requires additional skills and abilities. As with corporate governance in larger organisations, foundational knowledge of governance principles, King III and the fiduciary duties of directors is essential. This includes both an academic understanding and a practical knowledge of how to translate governance principles into ...

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M-Pesa launches in first European country, targets Romania’s unbanked

mpesa logo This is a breath of fresh air... rather than seeing an international service launching in Africa, today we see the opposite. M-Pesa, the Kenyan-born mobile money transfer and payment service, will launch in Romania -- an example of an African-born solution breaking into global markets. Vodafone, which has an e-money licence to offer and operate financial services in Europe, will be launching the initiative. M-Pesa functions as an alternative to cash, which Romanians primarily tend to use for transactions, and offers users ...

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mHealth startup Telemed secures venture capital from The African Group

Health-doctor-medical Telemed Medical Services is an Ethiopian startup responsible for the country's popular mobile health and medical consultancy service, Hello Doctor, and has recently announced it's raised funds from US-based VC group The Africa Group (TAG). The Ethiopian engineering consultancy that, among other things, specialises in mobile health consulting is giving up a 25% stake of Telemed and plans to further address a crucial demand for health-related service delivery. Together with BelCash Technology, Telemed released its flagship product, Hello Doctor, in 2012. ...

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Bootstrapping Journey: self-funding your startup in South Africa

Bootstrap "You're only as good as your last game," is a common saying in the world of sport. The same goes for business and sales, and especially when a company relies on its product to sustain itself from the get-go (instead of a providing a medium- to long-term promise to investors with open cookie jars). Software company Journey is one of the many startups in South Africa and the rest of the continent that decided to self-fund its business. The company made its ...

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Lamudi urges further investment in emerging markets

Lamudi logo African Internet Holding's online real-estate startup Lamudi has responded to warnings of slow growth in emerging markets, saying that selected emerging markets remained promising locations for business investment. Founded in 2013, the real-estate marketplace offers sellers, buyers, landlords and renters a platform to find homes, land and commercial properties online. The startup covers areas such as Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and Mexico, and has over one million monthly visitors from across around the world. In a statement, Managing Director of Lamudi West and Central ...

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KnifeCap has officially been bought in a R10-million deal y’all

knife capital grindstone lead According to a SENS announcement, because we track those now, Knife Capital has officially been acquired by African Dawn Capital Limited, a listed entity. "Shareholders are hereby advised that all the conditions precedent have been fulfilled and accordingly, the Knife Capital Acquisition will be implemented in accordance with the terms of the Agreement," said the announcement today. We reported on the possible acquisition last year when the first SENS announcement was made but it looks like things are moving along swiftly. At its ...

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11 takeouts from Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2014

GEC 2014 moscow The Global Entrepreneurship Congress is an inter-disciplinary gathering of international start-up champions. Held in Moscow from the 17th-20th March, this year's event saw entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, thought leaders and policy makers collaborate in order to generate ideas that will drive economic growth and accelerate the progression of an already thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Over the past five years, the Congress has contributed to the expansion of a global entrepreneurial landscape, enabling experts and entrepreneurs to network across borders and various industries, ...

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From Kickstarter to exit: how Oculus made billions without building a single product

oculus rift Well this is interesting. Facebook has been on a Yahoo-cum-Google spending spree of late. As everyone who cares and some who don't now knows, the social network has doled out US$2-billion on a startup that hasn't actually finished building its product. Welcome to the "Unicorn Club" Oculus. "Oculus has the chance to create the most social platform ever, and change the way we work, play and communicate," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement following the acquisition announcement. The Oculus Rift ...

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Konga wants to help Nigeria’s GDP by creating jobs

Konga At a recent summit in Nigeria the importance of ICT in the country was discussed by Konga CEO Sim Shagaya, who noted that the company had been able to give graduates job experience and stimulate entrepreneurship via the Konga Marketplace. Shagaya noted that Konga had been able to bring a significant part of its technology development to Nigeria by hiring engineering graduates from Nigerian Universities like UniIfe, Futo, and so on. Through this initiative, recent graduates gain exposure to relevant technologies ...