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Omidyar Network provides two-year tax grant to Tax Justice Network Africa

Tax 2 Omidyar Network has announced a two-year grant, worth over US$450 000, to the Tax Justice Network Africa (TJN-A) in order to support the Nairobi, Kenya-based nonprofit's work in promoting equitable tax systems on the continent. Established in 2007, the Tax Justice Network Africa is described as a pan-African initiative that sets out to promote socially just, democratic and progressive taxation systems on the continent. "TJN-A has established itself as the preeminent African organisation working on tax justice on the continent," said Omidyar ...

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GeoMall wants to use the Internet of Things to make shopping a breeze

GeoMall lead Malls are crowded spaces. Filled with screaming babies, flashy ads and squeaky shopping trolleys, finding that right pair of jeans on sale can be a real mission. And grabbing the attention of an average roaming customer is a huge challenge for retailers. Unlike a few online shopping outlets, a new app called GeoMall is not trying to replace the shopping centre. Instead it's gearing up to implement a new technology to make the shopping experience more seamless and fruitful. By using pieces of hardware ...

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20 startup accelerators in India we should all know about

India Taj While India is lagging behind other Asian markets in terms of venture capital, there is no dearth for startup incubators and accelerators in the country. Apart from the traditional accelerators run by governments and IT majors, a host of multi-national majors like Target Corp and PayPal also ventured into startup incubation recently. Most of the angel/seed/VC investors in the country and elsewhere are working closely with these incubators — majority are located in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi — for funding ...

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GIST Tech-I Competition seeking top innovators as deadline approaches

Background - GIST Network The South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNSP) is encouraging tech and science entrepreneurs to apply for the annual international GIST Tech-I Competition. The US Department of State’s Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Competition is looking for applicants from 86 countries around the globe, with the aim of helping entrepreneurs with training and mentorship, networking opportunities and access to capital. Last year, David Gluckman from Lumkani -- South Africa's innovative fire-detection startup -- won the overall competition. Mixon Faluweki ...

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Uber Nigeria: how the world’s sexiest startup is faring in Lagos

Lagos is surprising the world - Uber - jacques@memeburn In July 2014, Uber commenced operations in Lagos, Nigeria, a city notorious for its horrendous traffic jams. Despite that, the disruptive company's operations have boomed. At least that's according to Uber Lagos general manager Ebi Atawodi (pictured above). Exponential Growth Within six months, said Atawodi, Uber has recorded exponential growth in Nigeria in terms of demand and supply. There has been 10-times growth in the company’s supply within six months, which also means there are 10 times more Uber drivers in Lagos ...

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SA’s new e-procurement portal hopes to boost SME opportunities

handshake The announcement last week by South Africa's Minister of Finance Nhlanha Nene in his budget speech that the National Treasury would launch an electronic tender portal next month is welcome news for small-to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The portal will make it easier, more affordable and transparent for small firms to do work with government. National and provincial departments must, from 1 April, publish all tenders greater than R500 000 on the portal. Municipalities will join the system on 1 July, and must place all tenders of over R200 ...

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Invenfin grabs 20% stake in WyzeTalk

WyzeTalk Invenfin, the early stage venture investment arm of Remgro Limited, has acquired a 20% stake in South African social enterprise platform WyzeTalk. The investment means that WyzeTalk has now raised more than R20-million from local and international investors, including the Kenyan based Savannah Fund. According to WyzeTalk CEO Gys Kappers, the Invenfin investment is particularly important because the of the investment firm's "exceptional experience, networks and resources". “Wyzetalk’s early successes in this market, innovative technology and strong team led by Gys, ...

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16 growth hacking tools that can give your startup a boost online

tools Growth hacking, a marketing technique that uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure, was pioneered by tech startups and remains ideally suited them. These are businesses, after all, that don’t necessarily have wads of cash to throw at marketing squads. However, one thing they do tend to have is a team of tech-savvy members who are eager to overcome challenges. While building your own tool to overcome online marketing challenges is actually the ideal, there ...

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World Bank Climate Innovation Centre will support green startups in Ghana

Green fence A few weeks ago The Kenya Climate Innovation Centre opened its doors to foster East Africa's environmentally sustainable innovations. Now the World Bank has announced the launch of Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC), which is led by infoDev's Climate Technology Programme. The soon-to-be-launched GCIC is supported by the Danish International Development Cooperation Agency as well as the Danish government in an effort to assist more than 20 000 households to increase resiliency to climate change. Country director of the World Bank Yusupha B. ...

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From taxis to airplanes, Eduze wants to democratise digital content

Eduze Most South Africans can't make the most of what the digital world has to offer. Even though there's a smartphone penetration of 47%, many citizens still can't access or afford high-speed, expensive mobile internet, and the content it offers. Watching music videos, movies or online lectures, for instance, is a no-go. This is where Eduze steps in -- with a mission to democratise digital content across the continent. In a telephone interview, Eduze co-founder and CEO Charlie Beuthin explained the reasoning behind the ...