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Global business e-registration portal hopes to boost startup growth in Africa

africa-business-registration This is pretty awesome. Time and time again we have written about how business registration and red tape are some of the key obstacles to businesses development across the globe, especially in many parts of Africa. This might start to change, however. A new simplified online registration system, called the Global Enterprise Registration, has been introduced in an effort to boost business growth in Africa and other emerging markets. The initiative was launched at the World Investment Forum 2014 by the United Nations ...

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Trender wants to be the must-have app for SA’s partygoers this summer

Trender Just in time for the country's summer festivities, there's about to be a new photo app on South Africa's app markets called Trender. The startup's real-time guide to popular gigs hopes to be the essential tool for partygoers who wants to see which spots are trending online and where their friends are hanging out. "Ever wondered where people hang out or which places are popular? Trender offers a real-time guide on what’s happening where, based on its real-time atmosphere," says joint-CEO ...

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Here are 4 very impressive startup finalists from Seedstars World 2014

Seedstars-World Seedstars World is a competition of startups across emerging markets. Last year, it roamed 20 countries to organise as many local competitions. Each city's winner was then flown to Geneva for a grand finale where they would meet investors and secure funding. This year, the competition is on again, curating the best startups in places like Ramallah, West Bank; Kampala, Uganda; or Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. Among the numerous pitches, some look really bold, and all show how innovative the ...

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70 entrepreneurs at Branson Centre grow turnover by 100%, create 200 jobs

Branson-Cenre-for-Entrepreneurs At the beginning of 2014, Nedbank made R1-million funding available to 70 aspiring entrepreneurs from previously disadvantaged backgrounds at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship. Today, the bank's efforts are paying off. According to a media release, the group managed to grow turnover by at least 100% and create 200 new jobs. After a rigorous screening process, the 70 Nedbank-funded entrepreneurs completed two courses: The Foundation Course, which covers the basics involved in getting a business up and running, and the Advanced Course, ...

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Leading tech companies MTN, SAP, Microsoft provide support for Ampion Africa

ampion Ampion Africa recently announced that leading global technology companies MTN, SAP and Microsoft had become its major sponsors, in a joint effort to help develop innovative solutions on the continent. To highlight the NGO's need for support, Ampion launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in September in an effort to support the Venture Bus startup tour. Ampion says it will utilise this momentum to mobilise support for its remaining crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Reaching the overall crowdfunding goal of €50 000 will ...

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5 things entrepreneurs can learn from Apple launch events

Time-Cook-gesting Apple is probably one of the most secretive companies in the world, while simultaneously being one of its most popular brands. Its events are also the most glamorous and certainly the most talked-about. What can startups learn from this? Ever since the introduction of the iPhone back in 2007, tech companies have turned their launch events into rock concerts. What Eddie Murphy did for stand-up comedy, Apple did for Silicon Valley. Whether your startup is pitching an idea to a group of ...

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India’s ecommerce market said to rocket to $6-billion in 2015

ecommerce ecommercerules com Ecommerce might be young in India but it’s growing super fast. India’s ecommerce market will reach US$6-billion in consumer spending in 2015, leaping from US$3.5-billion in 2014, according to the latest data from Gartner. This makes it one of the fastest-growing ecommerce markets in Asia/Pacific. The potential for a 70% growth rate to be maintained or even accelerated can be seen from the low base from which it is emerging. Ecommerce in India still represents less than four percent of the total retail market. ...

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Entrepreneur Growth Centre opens doors to boost business skills in SA

Business-Partners-Limited Getting to grips with taxes, labour law compliance, cost management and so forth can easily get complicated for any fresh startup. At the end of the day -- regardless of how clever your idea is -- being a successful entrepreneur boils down to how successfully you can run your business. To establish this, local risk finance company for SMEs Business Partners Limited (BPL) recently announced the launch of Entrepreneurs Growth Centre that will provide free support and service assistance to entrepreneurs ...

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How can government support South Africa’s startup ecosystem?

parliament South Africa's National Development Plan hopes to see 11-million new jobs by 2030. That's a hell of a lot considering the country currently sits at an estimated 25.2% unemployment rate. One way of dealing with this staggering statistic is developing a playing field where small businesses and entrepreneurs can flourish. A recent fireside chat at SiMODiSA StartupSA conference on the topic of "Government as an enabler for Start-ups" provided some much-needed insight on government's role and responsibility in building an ecosystem. The panel ...

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Zapper now an option for Paygate merchants

Zapper Payment service provider PayGate has added mobile payment system Zapper to its stable of options, something that's apparently part of the company's strategy to capitalise on a predicted mobile boom. “We expect that mobile will account for 50% of all card transactions within the next five years -- and that’s probably conservative,” says the company's general manager for business development Brendon Williamson. “As South Africa’s leading provider of payment services for online business, our goal is to ensure that our ...