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All posts tagged "m-commerce"

  • Want to increase sales in 2016? Here are 5 mCommerce strategies you can’t ignore

    If you are planning to deploy mobile commerce in 2016, there are certain key elements that you will need to get right in order for this solution to work for you. The most important thing is that you must have an m-commerce strategy to guide your mobile commerce deployment. Without that, even the most basic kind of it, you are going to find it extremely difficult to compete in this fast growing ecommerce market segment. You just have to look at the stat in order to realise why m-commerce is too big to be ignored. For example, 80% of consumers...

  • 7 reasons why customers are abandoning your mobile shopping cart

    Shopping cart abandonment rate has always been a big concern for ecommerce retailers, but the rise of m-commerce has given this crucial metric a whole new dimension. The average shopping cart abandonment rate falls around 68%, but for mobile it is a distressing 97%. Meaning, out of 100 filled carts, only three will turn into sales. More and more people are browsing products on their smartphones, but the stats clearly tell that they are far less inclined to make final purchase on mobile devices. Shopping cart is one of the major reasons why mobile users of certain sites abandon cart...

  • Loyalty payments on the rise for SA ecommerce, according to survey

    PayU, a leading online payment provider in South Africa, has released some interesting data from a recent study about South African's online payment habits. The study reveals that more South African online shoppers are using loyalty payments. According to Mustpha Zaouini, CEO of PayU, credit cards are still the first choice for online payments, with loyalty and EFT options gaining steady growth. The EFT statistic is especially interesting considering consumers were hesitant to use credit card for online payments only a few years ago. An increase in loyalty points accumulation and spending could point to a rise in overall expenditure. Several...

  • MEF predicts major mobile growth in Africa, notes the rise of m-education

    This week MEF, the global global community for mobile content and commerce, released the findings from the second phase of its African Growth Market Study. The survey, which covered Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, provides insights into industry trends amongst mobile business leaders in their respective regions. Additionally, the study aimed to identify key market drivers and encourage growth in mobile content and commerce in Africa. MEF reports that revenue growth and content in the mobile sector was high in all three countries. Specifically, mobile money, m-commerce (mobile commerce) and social networks were singled out as growth drivers. Interestingly, the survey also...

  • M-commerce in South Africa: a huge opportunity waiting to explode

    The definition for mobile commerce (m-commerce) has expanded as technology and mobile methods have evolved, from the initial Premium Rate SMS payments for 8-bit ringtone purchases to Near Field Communications-enable smart phones where a simple swipe at the POS is all that is required to purchase your new skinny jeans. A well accepted definition describes m-commerce as the payment for goods/services with a mobile device such as phone, PDA, or other such device. This is the general definition for both digital goods (such as in-game upgrades) and physical goods (such as shopping for shoes on Amazon’s mobile app) are...

  • Mobile web exploding, but mobile sales lagging… for now

    It's no secret that the world has suddenly woken up to the mobile web explosion. Exponential statistics abound and atmospheric graphs shoot up and away from the X and Y axes as the growth is unprecedented in technological history. The internet will very soon be in the hands of practically every single person on this planet. Recently research firm World Wide Worx exposed some of the findings of its Mobility 2011 report, which reveals that 39% of urban South Africans and 27% of rural users are now using the internet on their cellphones, which equals about 6 million South Africans....

  • SA study: More people banking with their mobiles than PCs

    According to respected market research organisation World Wide Worx, the number of people banking from their cellphones has exceeded that of people banking from their PCs in South Africa. More than a quarter of bank customers are turning to their cellphones for services ranging from informational transaction types such as balance enquiries to financial transaction types which include account payments. This was one of the key findings from the consumer phase of the...

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