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All posts tagged "programming"

  • Meet iXperience: the startup that’s teaching US college kids how to code in Africa

    When you think about Africa, foreign kids traveling to the continent to learn how to code isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Well, this didn't stop Aaron Fuchs and his team from setting up a business doing exactly that. In fact, this focus has given them an advantage. Not only does summer tech academy iXperience have the advantage of earning dollars while running a business in rands, it's also found the ability to blend a world-class educational product with a cherished novelty -- Cape Town, South Africa. "It's such an incredible environment for people from overseas to...

  • Wanna build a startup from scratch? Why not learn Ruby on Rails

    Daniel Kehoe is the author of Learn Ruby on Rails -- a book that comprehensively covers the programming language from Git to Gems. We recently caught up with the San Francisco native to chat about what it is about Ruby on Rails that makes it so appealing for startups and learn about his reflections on the local tech scene. For those not familiar with Rails, it's a open source web application framework written in Ruby which is an alternative to other languages like PHP, Python or Java. Unlike those languages, Rails requires less code for basic structures and is therefore...

  • CodeX aims to nurture Africa’s growing tech demands

    Recently launched by industry veterans such as tech journalist and TV producer Elizabeth Gould, former FNB CEO Michael Jordaan, serial entrepreneur and engineer Dave Weber and Cara Turner, CodeX wants to bridge the gap for Africa's growing demand for coders. "It’s critically important for our up-and-coming talent to learn what the industry demands, in real time," said Chairman Michael Jordaan. "The best way to do that is to build the curriculum in close collaboration with the people doing the hiring." For those seeking a job in the tech industry, CodeX will consist of a 9 to 5 apprenticeship programme...

  • Primer: Programming languages & databases. Which is best for startups?

    According to the TIOBE index you’re more likely to overhear a Java, PHP, Python, Perl or Ruby developer riffing on an idea for a new web startup, than, let’s say, a PL/SQL developer. Programming languages are developer community argots. To me, the lesser-known lexicon of Oracle’s PL/SQL has been a subject of study for quite some time. I love it. Far beyond its corporate pedigree, I've seen it being used to build an online music store, course search database and microblog. Perhaps I’m partisan, then again, perhaps so are you. But, despite being part of disparate developer communities, we are...

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