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All posts tagged "Security"

  • How Moroccan entrepreneur chose SA to launch wearable security device Seon

    When Moroccan entrepreneur Samia Haimoua and her three German co-founders of startup Seon were looking for a country to launch their wearable panic button, they chose South Africa over Morocco. More specifically they chose Cape Town. The four, who launched the startup in July last year, expect to begin selling their security device to Cape Town residents later this month and are also in talks with a ride-sharing company. When activated the device sends a call for help via the user's cellphone to the nearest security officials. Seon promises users reaction times of no more than five minutes and Haimoua claims that in tests the startup has...

  • Entersekt: SA’s fintech gem making it safe for millions to bank, shop online

    Being based in the Winelands student town of Stellenbosch has been one of Entersekt’s key ingredients to success Company also has offices in Atlanta, Amsterdam and Johannesburg Entersekt boasts 4.5 million monthly active end users Entersekt boss notes how Facebook and Google refer to themselves as “startups” Company’s startup culture includes using company-branded bicycles for commutes between the two work spaces (an idea unashamedly stolen from Google) Employees enjoy core working hours of 10am to 3pm All those times you pay your monthly rent online or buy those must-have blue jeans through Superbalist, you're probably doing so without worrying about your identity or money getting...

  • Here’s why SMEs should be wary of information security

    If you run a small business, you may think that data breaches and cybercrime are concerns mostly for big banks, retailers and telecoms companies. But in the worst case scenario, a data breach or a loss of customer information can be expensive to rectify, result in your business losing customers, and hurt your company’s reputation for years to come. Not just for big firms Even though headlines about data breaches and losses focus on big companies like Sony and Dropbox, small businesses are not immune.  The UK’s Federation of Small Businesses found that 41% of SMEs in that country suffered from...

  • Impact Beyond Innovation: How Lumkani’s fire detection system is saving lives

    Impact Beyond Innovation is an article series that features startups from Africa putting social good at the forefront of their business models. In 2013, the thesis research of Lumkani co-founder Francois Petousis was accelerated because of a massive fire in the BM section of Khayelitsha that left over 4 000 people homeless. Petousis and UCT engineering lecturer Samuel Ginsberg then knew the project they were working on could have a massive impact -- and not just in South Africa but in any dense township areas across the globe. Soon they were joined by Paul Mesarcik, David Gluckman, Max Basle and Emily Vining,...

  • PayGate wants to simplify online retailers’ security and payment solutions

    Whether small or big, your online business is always susceptible to fraud or data breaches. As a report suggested last year, cyber attacks don't discriminate. Security rules and regulations have thus become more strict over the years and cumbersome for many businesses. PayGate is one of those payment services that sits on the right side of the security fence that wants to simplify this aspect of running a business. Quite often overlooked, Harvey explains why having a secure online payment solution is necessary. Businesses have to adhere to certain standards and practices specified by the Payment Card Industry Data...

  • Online banking security company Entersekt, wins Frost & Sullivan Award

    Online banking security company Entersekt, has today been awarded the 2013 South African Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Leadership for its innovations in providing easy-to-use and secure mobile banking solutions. Transakt, as its app is called, offers an alternative method to online banking that claims to eliminate fraud and enhance transaction convenience of both the bank and customer. Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Lehlohonolo Mokenela notes that Entersekt has received accreditation from the world's largest payments networks American Express, MasterCard, and Visa and is the first and only company in Africa to earn all three of these certifications....

  • IMPI: Is this SA startup going to become the Symantec of the mobile age?

    With its growing popularity, the Android mobile platform, much like Windows, is rising to number one on the cybercriminal hit list. At the end of 2012, Trend Micro reported 350 000 "malicious" and "high-risk" Android apps -- up from a mere 1 000 in 2011. The security firm notes that it took Windows 14 years to reach this threat level, while Android managed it in three. What types of carnage did mobile malware cause? While 605 new malicious families were detected in 2012, the most common type was the "premium service" abuser. This type of malware sends text messages to...

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