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All posts tagged "Snapt"

  • SA-based Snapt expands after nabbing $1m in funding

    South African tech company Snapt is expanding after it secured almost US$1-million from local investment firm Convergence Partners. The company, which provides "high-end virtualised and cloud-based load balancing, web acceleration and security software", confirmed that it has appointed 4Di Technologies as its African distributor. The news sees the SA company shift some focus back to its home continent, signalling a potential move away from North America. It confirmed that South Africa will be the initial focus, but that East and West Africa are on the cards too. Speaking of clients, the company also provided interesting figures on its growth. "Since its launch in 2012, it has grown by...

  • 30 brilliant African tech startups

    The methodology behind this list of startups had two simple directives. First, the startup had to have African roots and secondly it had to be brilliant. More specifically, we were looking for that type of brilliance that exudes intelligence, talent, quality or simply, something fresh. Of course brilliance, like most things in life, is subjective, so we went into this journey with an open mind. Tabula rasa if you will and we hoped to recognise brilliance when we saw it. We did, over and over again. Why did we focus on Africa? The continent’s one-billion people are coming online and 600-million...

  • 10 African tech startups worth watching

    It’s practically a tradition to follow a post like this with a good old-fashioned flame-war where everyone reveals his or her own sense of inadequacy. In order to save time I’d like to encourage you to stop reading now and skip to the bottom and start doing that right away; that way I can continue by typing Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet and get away with it. Disclaimers: I have left out Motribe, my own company, because I think that would legitimately earn me some flames. I have also left out all the usual suspects from South Africa...