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All posts tagged "VCs"

  • Is DPO PayGate now Southern Africa’s biggest payment services provider?

    Kenyan online payment services provider Direct Pay Online Group (DPO Group) has consolidated the six Southern African payments services startups it has acquired into one brand, DPO PayGate -- potentially creating Southern Africa's biggest payment services providers. As part of the brand consolidation, Virtual Card Services (VCS) South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, PayThru, PayGate and 3G Direct Pay will all be rolled up under the DPO PayGate brand. The consolidation makes DPO PayGate one of the biggest payment services providers in the Southern African region Between 2016 and 2017 the Nairobi-based company acquired PayGate, PayThru, VCS in South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana as well as SID Instant EFT. Commenting on...

  • Major South African VCs to officially launch web-based due diligence tool

    Major South African venture capitalists from Knife Capital are gearing up to launch a startup called YueDiligence, which aims to assist entrepreneurs and investors with due diligence. By relying on a web-based questionnaire, GAP analysis and a range of other tools, YueDiligence intends to help stakeholders make better early-stage investment decisions. The YueDiligence team is made up of Keet van Zyl, Andrea Bohmert and Eben Van Heerden from the renowned VC firm, Knife Capital. Not only did the firm see through the exit of iKubu to Garmin early this year, it also reported a 61% increase in revenue for the companies participating...

  • Isolation: a problem for current and future African entrepreneurs

    Talking with African entrepreneurs, one of the recurring topics is the difficulty of sufficient funding in seed- or early-stage with internationally acknowledged and well-connected investors. The recently born African digital ecosystem has only a few established venture capital funds, and even these funds usually have limited available capital with a minimal international network. Understandably, this limited available capital results in a serious constraint in the later stages of funding (Series A and Series B) for any aspiring start-up. The lack of the investors’ international network also means that the knowledge transfer between Africa and the developed tech communities (US, Europe...

  • 4 reasons big-time VCs are investing in emerging markets

    With technological advancements in developing nations speeding the growth rate of high impact tech start-ups, many American venture capital firms are now looking further afield to expand their investment portfolios. But what is driving this trend? 1. Lack of local funding There’s certainly no shortage of innovative ideas coming out of emerging market countries. Africa, China, Russia and many others are growing steadily, and are producing an ever-increasing number of tech success stories, many with an extensive global reach. However, the potential for innovation in these countries has been historically hampered by a lack of access to funding, based on an entrenched...

  • The hows and the whats — 5 tough questions VCs ask

    Over the past six months I have spoken with a wide variety of people who have shown, in varying degrees, interest in investing in my company. Many of these VCs have specific ways that they conduct a call, interview or meeting. Many of them have lead me down long and wasteful due diligence processes, many have been kind, some have been blunt and harsh but all have been pedantic and specific about the types of questions they ask. I have found that, on the whole, the questions are standard and the steps straight-forward but there are always the tough questions...

  • 5 Tips for taking your tech startup from big idea to business success

    Throughout the world, and particularly in emerging market countries, the entrepreneurial landscape remains notoriously difficult to navigate, with an estimated 80% of small businesses failing to sustain themselves for a period of longer than five years. However, with an increasing percentage of jobs now being directly attributable to small business ventures, financial backers in both private and public sectors are slowly starting to acknowledge the substantial impact of entrepreneurial activity on a nation’s economy. Yet, in spite the rising global trend towards venture capitalist backing of tech startups, there remain very few such initiatives present in emerging markets. Can this...

  • Start-up co-founders: 10 tips for choosing your significant other

    They say that starting a business with a partner is like a marriage. What they don't tell you is that if your marriage does really well it's like having a few hundred kids too. When things go wrong they can go really wrong, so here are ten tips for picking the right startup co-founder. Do not marry Lorena Bobbit The first and probably most obvious part of the selection process is to try avoid starting a tech company with a psychopath or someone who acts rashly and against the best interests of the people around them. You will...

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