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All posts tagged "Waytag"

  • Location startup Waytag shortlisted for Global BlackBerry Achievement Awards

    The Waytag location naming and sharing app for BlackBerry 10 is a finalist in this year's BlackBerry Achievement Awards in the Mobile Innovation of the Year category. Waytag is one of 15 apps selected as a finalist. Winners will be announced at BlackBerry Live in May. Waytag, active in the fast-growing mobile markets of South Africa and Nigeria, enables users to more easily find businesses and people in areas that do not have...

  • 30 brilliant African tech startups

    The methodology behind this list of startups had two simple directives. First, the startup had to have African roots and secondly it had to be brilliant. More specifically, we were looking for that type of brilliance that exudes intelligence, talent, quality or simply, something fresh. Of course brilliance, like most things in life, is subjective, so we went into this journey with an open mind. Tabula rasa if you will and we hoped to recognise brilliance when we saw it. We did, over and over again. Why did we focus on Africa? The continent’s one-billion people are coming online and 600-million...

  • Waytag: A startup changing the way we use location services

    A new South African start-up, Waytag, is setting out with the ambitious goal of revolutionising the way we think about and use addresses. Location-based services are clearly a strong feature in most fast-growing web services and applications, such as FourSquare, GoWalla and Twitter. It can however sometimes seem like these types of applications exist in a world of their own, catering to just a small niche of web-savvy people. Waytag may just change all this by improving the usability of physical location addresses from the bottom up. The concept is simple, as most clever concepts are. Take the domain name...

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