FeedbackRocket, a ‘360 degree’ employer feedback tool

If buzzwords like “360 degree feedback” and “anonymised responses” rev your engine, then will fuel the fire inside of you.

FeedbackRocket is anonymous employee-to-employer feedback technology, used simply and effectively to communicate issues to relevant managers at work. Or as Dr. Gavin Symanowitz, the founder of FeedbackRocket puts it, “It enables important work-place conversations that would never happen face-to-face. It opens up the lines of communication between managers and employees in a powerful new way”.

Launched in June 2011, this self-funded Johannesburg-based company was the sole concept of Symanowitz, qualified actuary and previous strategic head of a major South African bank.

Why should you care about FeedbackRocket? What is stopping you from simply emailing your grievances to HR?

To answer your question, typical employee feedback is fallible and in order to get the most accurate and honest information, the feedback must be anonymous by nature. Think about it, would you ever openly badmouth your boss?

FeedbackRocket says it has “solved this problem in a unique way”. Management can now conduct follow-ups in a completely anonymous environment, chatting and probing away without ever realising who they are speaking with. Managers can be rated and can follow-up on any of these ratings.

It delivers, “A specialist actuarial and statistical approach to HR”. It is the use of these interactive discussion boards which enables a more dynamic level of feedback. Issues were raised at “much deeper levels in comparison to traditional tools”.

An instant feedback tool also lets employees gain answers to any questions they may have at any particular moment. This system runs in conjunction with sister site — a tool which lets employees checkout their potential careers before being thrown into the thick of it.

So why will it succeed? How will it beat back popular employ/employer management tools from companies such as Halogen Software? Symanowitz says that his solution “meets real customer needs such as improved communication, obtaining effective feedback, identifying toxic managers and maximising the impact of limited leadership”.

Symanowitz says the idea was inspired by “a poor 360-degree feedback review which left a bad taste in my mouth”. The full story can be read here, but in short Symanowitz identified many flaws in the reviewing system which could be filled by his product.

Symanowitz hopes to expand into other areas as his product takes off. This includes an early warning talent saver, corporate fraud reporting and training course feedback.

FeedbackRocket describes its concept as “universal” and wishes to eventually expand overseas but says there is “danger in expanding overseas too soon, since this could be a huge drain on resources”. Its current strategy is much like many of the other start-ups, to create a strong local presence before venturing into foreign territories. One day Symanowitz hopes to have his product in the hands of “thousands of South African business as well as the rest of the world”.



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