How to rock your elevator pitch and get funding for your startup [Infographic]

Quick. What is one sentence you’d use to describe your startup? Well, spit it out. Still trying to condense it? Yes, it’s probably awesome. Maybe it’ll even change life as we know it. But if you need funding, you need to be able to sell your idea so well that someone else will believe in it as much as you do. Time is up. What did you come up with?

Lets say you’re pitching to a super angel investor like Fabrice Grinda. He has said that getting a cheque from him is easy — if the startup meets his four criteria. If he likes a startup’s pitch, product, deal terms and the team, it’s a done deal. But how do you nail the pitch?

Fortunately, like there is for almost everything on the internet, there is an infographic to help you out. In short: keep it short. Don’t fill your pitch with unnecessary info. Enthusiasm for your idea is good, heavy jargon-laden sentences are not. Know exactly who you’re pitching to so you can prepare in advance and tailor your speech to ensure you touch on their interests, and get your point across clearly the first time.

Want more advice? Try the 10 step guide to the perfect investor pitch.



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