Startup Blitz: OrderIn, online food ordering made simple [Video]

It’s 9pm. You’re in a lazy mood, but you’re hungry. You don’t know what to get. You could get the tried and tested pizza from down the road that you love so much, or the budget gatsby from around the corner. But you’re not feeling either, you’re stumped. In a haze of confusion you revert to habit and start dialing the pizza-place, but then you remember about that online food ordering service you saw on Ventureburn – OrderIn – and everything changes.

You go to the website and type in your address. You see that the gatsby shop is actually closed, and that the pizza-place will take 40 minutes to deliver. Your stomach can’t wait that long. Luckily your restaurant options have upped from two to 12. You pick the seafood joint a few blocks away, just because you can, and its says it will only take 25 minutes. You add items to your cart, and type in special instructions so the calamari steak comes just the way you like it, and pay using your card. It takes minutes, and an email confirmation puts your mind at ease. Calamari never tasted so good, but maybe that was the taste of convenience still lingering in your mouth.

OrderIn is “South Africa’s premier online food ordering service” currently launched in Cape Town, but will shortly be in Johannesburg and Durban with the rest of the country to follow.

Watch the OrderIn Blitz to hear what founders Dinesh Patel and Heini Booysen have to say about competition, OrderIn’s footprint, and more.



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