Boost partners with mapIT to further increase mobile marketing in Africa

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Norwegian company Boost Communications today announced a partnership with South African mapping company mapIT. The latter claims that, using innovative mapping technologies, Boost will be able to further improve its mobile marketing and advertising aspirations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

mapIT is one of TomTom’s divisions that aims to offer businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the globe “high quality digital maps with accurate and extensive coverage of Africa and across the globe”.

Boost Communications will utilize mapIT LBS (Location Based Server) platform, called deCarta, in order to extend its general range of location services to mobile applications. Account Manager of mapIT Byron Moorgas says this technology gives Boost Communications’ clients access to “high quality map data in South Africa and Africa.”

Boost Communications has been partnering with brands, publishers and agencies alike in order further its ambitions of delivering cutting-edge mobile marketing and advertising solutions.

Its partnership with mapIT will meanwhile aim to further establish innovative and comprehensive suites of digital mapping platforms to further its role of providing accurate location-based platforms throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

As Moorgas also mentions, mapIT’s technology “also brings the best in breed technology for local search, routing, geocoding and other advanced LBS features that support both feature phones, tablets and all major smartphone platforms, allowing broadest possible distribution for the location services.”

mapIT’s technology will be integrated into Boost Communications DIY mobile ad maker called MadMaker. Using geographical data of mobile users, MadMaker aims to allow anyone to make truly niche oriented and targeted campaigns.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the continent’s leading digital mapping firm. Combining the advanced technology from the deCarter platform and the targeting advertising capabilties of Madmaker™ will ensure all clients receive the best of both worlds,” says South Africa Country Manager at Boost Communications James Erasmus.



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