Tech travel startup Tourism Radio looks to Kickstarter for Google Glass app

tourism radio glass

Travel technology startup, Tourism Radio, is aiming to get a head start in utilizing emerging technologies. The startup wants to pair up with Google Glass to guide you through cities. Launched today, the founders are running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to create easy to use audio travel guides for Google Glass wearers.

The team wants to create a product for travelers based on the idea of a local person giving information, but using technology instead. This travel information plays automatically as the user travels past points of interest and general areas. Walking through Barcelona, you’ll have a tour guide that speaks your language based on your specific location.

Founded in South Africa, the company’s also building travel guides for iOS and Android devices and now has about 20 cities completed in a few languages. Founders Chris Goldswain and Mark Allewell say that Google Glass “will set the precedent for augmented reality platforms of the near future.”

The company featured on CNN and has received some other notable recognition such as a spot on IT News Africa‘s top tech entrepreneurs to watch. The company has also partnered with car manufacturer Renault to build in-car audio travel guides.

As Google Glass and other technologies urge to take shape, it’s interesting seeing how entrepreneurs are applying themselves to these developments. Will emerging technologies take shape to accommodate tech-savvy travelers in such a way to be profitable?

Offering rewards such as different city guides to people who pledge, the team hopes to raise about US$46 000 by 5 September.

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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