Zapacab shifts it up a gear with new look and features

We recently released a new version of our Zapacab mobile site with new features requested by users. The two most worthy of being noted are that of the abilty to view and edit your detected location to make sure the driver knows exactly where you are, and the ability to easily call the driver once he has accepted your trip. Both these features allow for far greater transparency when using cabs. Check out our blog for a bit more information.

Our driver numbers are increasing every day with more and more calling in to get involved. They undergo a process of inspection of all licences and their cars to make sure we maintain quality. The drivers are very excited about the additional stream of income, and the ease at which jobs are served up to them. Here is a great video testimonial from one of our drivers, Michael.

The different areas which we cover are also steadily increasing, meaning we can start to service some of those late night support calls from some of the outer regions of Cape Town. We are currently increasing our fleet numbers in the Southern Suburbs and are also looking at Century City, Belleville, Stellenbosch and Somerset West. If anyone has a company you’d suggest we approach in your area, please drop a mail and we will contact them.

User feedback has been fantastic. In these early stages we make an attempt to follow up with every customer that uses or attempts to use the system, and therefore we are both learning what you as customers need, and also getting an understanding of what you love. The most common theme of happiness has been the greatly reduced waiting time compared to conventional taxi hailing methods.

We recently spent a week in Johannesburg investigating that market there and are happy to report that it seems likely we will be entering the Johannesburg market in the next two months with a small beta. We are interested to see how we can become a country wide service so if you jump on a plane to anywhere in South Africa you can Zapacab when you get there 😉

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