QuickTicket launches crowdfunding campaign, aims to solve transport issues

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Cameroon-based company QuickTicket has launched a campaign on Indiegogo today with the hopes of ultimately raising US$14 880. The company aims to solve the problem of purchasing and making ticket related arrangements in many parts of Africa.

The web-based platform will let travelers and agencies view bus schedules, reserve or purchase tickets, preview each bus plan and choose favorable seats, monitor the status of buses they book for and check for parcel deliveries. They will also receive bus status updates and information about their parcel deliveries via SMS.

The company not only wants to provide information to the travelers, it also aims to provide administrative, accounting and data analysis services to bus companies for inter-agency co-ordination and better management.

The company is registered with the business accelerator program ActivSpaces and Acha Nelson, Co-Founder and CEO of QuickTicket notes the universal usage of the application:

“I get to think not just of a simple product, but of a sustainable product that can serve not just the public, but also fit into the core problems of bus agencies and other companies, with revenue to finance its operations and make profit, while creating jobs for our society.”

There are currently 18 bus companies in Cameroon with about 90% of the country’s population relying on this type of transport. The communication gap between the bus agencies and travelers is huge and heavily outdated. In order to reserve a ticket for example commuters often have to spend a lot of money to travel many kilometers while getting manually drawn time tables.

QuickTicket will allow communters to make reservations online and receive SMS alerts notifying them of the status of their scheduled bus and its departure time. This sounds similar to what GoMetro offers to train commuters in South Africa which has proven itself very successful over the years.

The company further notes that there is a communication gap between the different branches and most bus companies which results in inconsistencies and lapses in the management. QuickTicket hopes to offer a solution to solve these issues, save money and provide a channel through which commuters can have a real-time connection with these agencies.

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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