Samsung Solar Powered Health Centre goes on the road

Samsung Solar Powered Medical Center

Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day and Samsung Electronics Africa’s new Solar Powered Health Centre has taken its services to the road. Part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, the initiative involves providing free diabetes testing and counselling and ultimately took shape at the recent Mokopane community wellness day in Limpopo.

Samsung Solar Powered Health Centre consists of mobile units kitted with medical equipment and, of course, staffed by medical doctors. Samsung has designed these mobile units for use in rural and under-serviced areas with the ultimate aim being eliminating the economic and geographic barriers that prevent people across Africa from obtaining quality medical treatment.

A large focus of the mobile units is on screening people to establish conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, tooth decay and cataracts. The centres will also focus on educating communities about health issues.

The Wellness Day is the brainchild of Folang Trust’s second Diabetes Outreach Programme of which Samsung’s Solar Powered Health Centre is a significant partner. Dr. P.J. Senoamadi, founder of the Trust says, “More than 6 000 disadvantaged lives were touched with the support of diabetic educators. Samsung made this possible by allowing us to use its Solar-Powered mobile clinic at no cost.”

This bold initiative again showcases Samsung’s strong commitment towards its social responsibility. Two weeks ago the South Korean tech company announced that it is bringing its Launching People campaign to South Africa in support of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Kea’ Modimoeng, Public Affairs Manager at Samsung Africa notes the desire to treat medical conditions such as diabetes as well as educate South African communities:

“With the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology warning that around three and a half million South Africans suffer from diabetes, and an estimated five million more have pre-diabetes, early identification and proactive treatment is critical. Through initiatives such as the Samsung Solar Powered Health Centre, we are now able to take this advanced medical care to them, enabling early identification and potentially lifesaving treatment.”

Through this initiative, and similar ones across the globe, Samsung hopes to reach 1-million people through its Solar Powered Health Centres by 2015. This is part of the company’s broader corporate social responsibility goal to positively impact the lives of five million people in Africa by 2015.

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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