Atmospheir app: an all-in-one social contact manager

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Since the advent of social media, managing your contacts and address book has become a whole lot tougher. Adding multiple accounts, numbers and services for every person’s entry can be a headache, and organising the fragmented information can sometimes feel like the stuff of folly. A new app called Atmospheir wants to change all of that by re-imagining the mobile address book.

Available for iPhone and iPad, the Atmospheir app aims to solve ever-changing contact info by giving each user a personalised ID — their ‘Atmospheir handle’ — which centralises data from multiple social networks, separates your personal and professional contacts, and allows you to meet new people on the platform with ‘nudges’ (messages) and introductions. The kicker: your address book is constantly updated.

Atmospheir’s interface takes a text-light approach, focusing on lots of images and a sleek interface, while still giving granular control of all information a user can share. Here’s how it works:

  • A single ID: Exchange complete sets of contact information and social network usernames with a single ID.
  • Choice: Choose which profiles to share with each potential connection. A personal connection can receive an entirely different set of information than a professional connection, yet both can happen in the same network.
  • Privacy: Users can only be found by other users that know their ID, or have been introduced to them by a mutual contact — users are unable to search for someone using their full name.
  • “Nearby”: Atmospheir Nearby allows users to find and request a connection with others in their vicinity, if they also have Atmospheir Nearby turned on and are within 50 metres.
  • Introductions: Users can increase their introduction count and seek new connections by requesting introductions through their own contacts.
  • Nudge: Send your contacts a quick note, limited to up to 70 characters.

Since Atmospheir’s launch in December, the app has seen a huge uptake, with downloads in 114 countries. Beside the US and Japan, there has been strong interest from emerging market countries, particularly India, Mexico, Brazil, China and Thailand. The emerging markets account for about 30% of Atmospheir’s international presence. The BRICS countries account for over 13% of Atmospheir’s international presence, with South Africa and Russia having the most users from the BRICS regions.

Atmospheir’s founder, Matt Crumine, tells Ventureburn that he feels that the emerging markets have a high affinity for messenger and chat apps, and particularly niche social networks.

“One of Atmospheir’s biggest value adds is that you can connect with an individual in one place, and automatically have the ability to reach them on any network they share with you… Atmospheir aims to be the network that works and evolves with you by always allowing you to be in control of what information others have to reach you,” Crumine said.

Since launch there have been 100 000 messages sent on the Atmospheir network and 10 000 introductions have been made.

Get Atmospheir on the iTunes store here.



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