Kaymu Nigeria launches new schemes to improve quality and performance


One of the most common obstacles for online shopping in Africa is fraud or the fear of fraud. To enable a system that promotes legitimacy or implementing incentives that help sellers gain the buyers’ trust, online marketplace Kaymu Nigeria has recently launched its Seller Referral Scheme and Seller Pathway programmes. These enable Kaymu’s users to earn money without selling any products, sellers to increase their overall performance and the platform to improve its overall traffic as well as quality.

With operations from Uzbekistan to Nigeria and the Philippines, Kaymu offers an online market service that enables businesses and individuals to sell items. Customers on the other hand have access to a large selection of products including electronics, gadgets, books, cars and fashion accessories. Part of Rocket Internet, Kaymu has expanded to most of Africa’s growing markets.

To promote quality and traffic, the newly introduced Referral Scheme allows sellers to generate revenue by recommending the service driving high quality traffic to the platform. Existing sellers can take part by asking a potential seller to successfully list products on Kaymu.

The Pathway Programme encourages vendors to improve their performance by helping to increase the number of orders, delivery times and ensuring all transactions are completed efficiently. It’s basically a reward system that promotes better, greater service overall. Sellers are awarded bronze, silver, gold, and ultimately platinum by going through a performance rating system.


Participants go through a step-by-step process in using the Pathway Programme where sellers have the opportunity to gain additional benefits. These include increased visibility on the website, competitor analysis, visibility on Facebook advertisements and newsletters.

Kaymu’s co-founder, Massimiliano Spalazzi, said he hoped the new systems would contribute to the greater Nigerian economy. “Nigeria has a large population and it is constantly growing — unfortunately its economic and employment growth is something that requires support. According to the African Development Bank Group in 2013, figures show that 60% of people living in Nigeria are receiving less than one dollar per day.”

He continues saying, “Our seller referral scheme and pathway are two great programmes that will contribute towards Nigeria’s economy, employment and growth, by providing users with the opportunity to earn up to 50,000N. We look forward to seeing the Kaymu community grow after the introduction of both programmes.”



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