Hellofood partners with Tigo to bring the world even more pre-loaded apps


Online food delivery service extraordinaire, Hellofood announced this week that it is teaming up with smarphone supplier Tigo to make its service more integrated and accessible in the African market.

Hellofood is an interweb ordering service that connects customers to local business while acting as a liason for delicious delivery through its Hellofood app. Currently, the app is available on both Android and iOS; however, through its new partnership, Hellofood will be pre-installed on all Tigo communication platforms.

This feature will allow potential customers to receive the latest offers and promotions through the pre-installed app. That’s right, pre-installed app. On their website, Hellofood emphasizes a simple platform that allows users to get the food that they want when they want it. But what if consumers don’t want the Hellofood app?

This might be a fruitful venture for Hellofood, increasing their reach to future customers, but it could very well backfire for Tigo. As smartphone platforms get bombarded with preloaded apps—often born out of partnerships just like this one—consumers are stripped of their autonomy. Isn’t part of the beauty of technology choosing what we want?

In addition to partnering with Tigo on this venture, Hellofood will also be simultaneously promoting the establishment of pizzeria king Dominos to push the corporation’s establishment in the African continent.

Partnering with Tigo is no doubt an important step for Hellofood, as they set out to conquer the world food delivery industry. Let’s just hope that this is the beginning of the end of pre-loaded app partnerships.

Marguerite Heyns


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