Flitways offers pre-booking car service for travelers who like to plan


Traveling for business often sees one against the clock, dashing from airplane to taxi to make that meeting. Taxi-hailing apps, such as Uber or Lyft, provide an option for getting around, but they are on-demand, meaning that you cannot plan your ground travel needs except for on the spot.

Enter Flitways, an LA-based startup that offers a pre-booking service for travelers that takes care of all ground-travel needs — simplifying the booking process. Travelers can use Flitways through its mobile apps or desktop site to book all means of ground travel, such as taxis, airport shuttles, transfers or private cars. By using pre-booking, Flitways’ solution can potentially find rides 15-20% cheaper than on-demand services.

Simlilar to booking an airplane ticket online — simply set your pickup time and location, and where you want to go — Flitways offers real-time comparative rates of active vehicles in the pick up location so you can pick the ride that best suits your lifestyle and budget. The service is also completely cashless.

Flitways does not own the cars its offers for service, but rather operates as a platform from which travelers can book from over 10 000 vehicles across 84 major cities in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Flitways’ pre-booking service seems to be its unique value proposition, and may appeal to businesses who want to track company travel expenses more closely and efficiently. Companies could use Flitways to pre-book all ground travel at the same time as booking airplane tickets, essentially incorporating ride booking into the travel industry.

The company launched in September 2013 and supports both iOS and Android The rates determined in real-time include gratuity, surcharge and waiting time, ensuring no hidden costs.

Update: The company name has since publication been changed from OnCabs to Flitways as requested.



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