Internfit hopes to address SA’s issue of youth unemployment


South Africa’s skills industry has been a hot topic of late. With an estimated 50% of citizens between the ages of 15 and 24 considered unemployed, it’s to no-one’s surprise.

On a mission to address the country’s growing number of youth unemployment, Internfit is an online platform that sits in between the demand and supply of internship positions in SA’s complicated jobs industry.

“One would imagine that in a skills-starved economy they are in high demand, but unfortunately finding an internship can be an extremely frustrating experience,” explains David Feinberg, the founder of Internfit, referring to both employers and students who often have to contact each company individually.

Feinberg continues, “Traditionally corporates have been the main employer of interns. We have had a number of startups as well as small and medium sized businesses also making more use of interns. 90% of internships listed on our site are filled successfully. Businesses struggling with their work load should consider interns to ease the pressure as this is an extremely cost effective approach.”

With qualifications in IT, marketing, finance, graphic design, Internfit has around 6 000 students and graduates available to date which sources to over 2 000 companies across South Africa. Internship positions may be paid, unpaid or allowance-based.

Founded in 2013, Internfit’s revenue model is based on a points scheme whereby companies 1 credit to download an intern’s CV and 10 credits to post a job position. Ten credits will cost you R400, 30 credits R900 and 70 credits go for R1 400.

Annabel Dallamore of startup Stock Shop comments, “We gave Internfit very specific requirements regarding our intern needs and they provided the exact candidates we were looking for. We now use Internfit as the sole service provider for all our intern sourcing needs.”

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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