8 examples of why university is the perfect time to found a startup

There’s no perfect time to startup a business and you’ll always be able to find excuses not to. But when you’re a student, you have a lot fewer excuses than many older people do.

You’re unlikely to have kids for instance, or a home and car to pay off. You also have immediate access to a wealth pool of incredible minds, a potentially lucrative market base and, depending on the course you’re pursuing, a heck of a lot more free time on your hands than anyone in the working world.

And let’s not forget that both Google and Facebook were forged while their founders were at university.

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If those aren’t reasons enough, check out the video below from Mashauri, a platform for new ventures and early-stage businesses “that was developed with the goal of rebuilding economies through improving the success rates of entrepreneurs”.

And if you’re looking for inspiration for the kind of startup you can build while at university, outside of the Google and Facebook examples, check out these eight examples of great university startup from Edinburgh:



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