2015 Trends on bidorbuy

Selfie sticks, drones and wearables are some of the most popular search terms on bidorbuy, which may be an indication of shopping trends for the year

(9 January 2015) At the beginning of 2015, several search terms have joined the ranks of “most popular” on South African online marketplace bidorbuy.co.za.

“Over a million people visit bidorbuy every month, conducting hundreds of thousands of searches. These numbers are extensive enough to serve as a basis for estimating shopping trends. This is especially important for thousands of sellers who sell on the site. They need to know what prospective buyers are looking for in order to adjust their offer accordingly”, says bidorbuy Marketing Manager Joni Calitz.

So, what do most popular searches on bidorbuy at the beginning of the year say about the possible 2015 shopping trends?

The bidorbuy Marketing Manager points out that, while the very top spots continue to be held by the stalwarts such as smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles, a number of other consumer goods have surged in popularity and may very well become even more trendy this year.

selfie stickThe most prominent among them is the selfie stick. Selfies are the self-portrait art form that has risen in popularity over the past year. The selfie stick attaches to a smartphone or a camera to allow the user to take even better and more flattering self-portraits.

Radio-controlled aircrafts have been popular on bidorbuy for years, but are now experiencing a renewed wave of fame as drones and quadcopters.Radio-controlled aircrafts are traditionally for recreational purposes, while drones are mission-oriented. In the terms of personal use, this usually means that they are equipped with a camera. For example, drones are used for taking aerial wedding photography or “dronies” – self-portraits taken from a bird eye’s view.

Another popular trend in the bidorbuy searches can be summed up under the heading wearable tech. Wearables, as they are called for short, gained prominence in 2014 and are expected to become the most popular category in tech in 2015. On bidorbuy, smartwatches and GoPro miniature “attachable” cameras head the wearables search count, closely followed by health and fitness monitors.

Other popular products that continue to surface in the top bidorbuy searches include terms such as gas stoves, solar, inverters, LED, as well as security items such as CCTV cameras.

“Due to the continued threat of blackouts, it is safe to predict that the demand for gas stoves and fridges, which surged at the end of 2014, will not abate any time soon”, says Joni Calitz and adds: “The demand for CCTV cameras and other security equipment is also likely to remain strong”.

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