Geeks Online SA to launch soon

Brand new education startup Geeks Online SA (GOSA) based in Cape Town, South Africa, looks to bring an innovative solution in the education space. It’s an idea inspired by the self-proclaimed “Geek” himself, one of the co-founders.

The company has been founded by two chief enthusiasts, Anele Geqiwe and Busisiwe Ngxande. What they lack in years of experience, the pair has vision and passion for education.

The concept driving GOSA is very simple: it requires strong relationship between high school students and tertiary institutions. We aim to introduce and prepare Grade 10-12 students to academic competency standards expected in tertiary level. Of course there are so many solutions in this problem area but there’s room for improvement.

Earlier this year, Geeks Online SA was among the 8 tech startups selected out of 86 applicants in Africa by StartUP 90, an accelerator programme based in Woodstock. Being selected in an accelerator has tremendously empowered us in various ways. Geeks Online SA co-founder Anele Geqiwe sees the potential in tapping into the local education space.

“Private- and state-schooled pupils all struggle when entering tertiary education. Some struggles may be bigger than others but we are all in the same boat. On 2009 I was awarded an Achievement Scholarship to study Film and Media Production at UCT. Little did I know of the academic competency expected resulted in me failing few modules before adapting the system. Our secondary education system needs to find better ways of preparing students for university academic culture.”

To unpack this concept, we’re currently co-designing an online platform with one of the leading tertiary institutions in the country. We intend to forge further partnerships with other South African institutions, thus to meet high school students half-way. So far, Geeks Online SA is working with couple of schools in the Cape Winelands district. The pair is working hard to make this vision a reality. Like many entrepreneurs, the pair is struggling in acquiring funding therefore is seeking collaboration with like-minded edutech.

The two young entrepreneurs are confident that their proposed solution will make a huge impact. Already, GOSA is an innovative partner of a national Entrepreneurship Initiative that is targeting students from Grade R- 12. Geeks Online SA is looking to roll out in early 2016.

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Geeks Online SA


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