The fundamentals to gaining employee commitment

What cements the commitment of employees to an organisation?

It’s not the flashy name of the company, or even “better-than-the-rest“ pay packages, as one may think. People commit to substantial relationships they have with their co-workers and superiors. They find meaning in these associations. Without this, they are a lot more likely to search for work place satisfaction elsewhere.

Here are a few tips to help build that employer-employee relationship:

  • Build a relationship that show genuine interest in your employees.
  • Form personal connections that go beyond strict work requirements and performance.
  • Find out who your employees are and what makes them tick.

All of the above develops trust and commitment and are some of the fundamentals to gaining employee commitment. Other key factors to consider are the following:

Lead by example

Leading by inspiration, example and being consistent are critical. So too, your business needs a mission that all employees understand and share. Don’t worry about mistakes while implementing the mission. As a CEO you should be bold enough to admit lapses and discuss them with your employees. Discussing your thoughts about future priorities will give employees the feeling that they are “in the loop” and in it for the long run.

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Mentor your employees

Ask your employees for input and challenge them continually to live up to their potential. Employees want to grow professionally. They are thinking about their future and need to be provided with genuine feedback and direction. Spot your employees’ talents and skills — and make sure you nurture them.

Allow your employees ownership

Employees who understand their role in the business contribute to its success. At the same time, allow them to leave their comfort zones and have the independence to create solutions to tasks at hand, and even make mistakes. It is only at this point that employees will take ownership.

Employees with impact are committed

We always assume that money and perks matter — they do indeed, but not as much as we believe. Real motivation comes from within, from the feeling of purpose and creating an impact. This is what makes and keeps employees committed

Johan Botes


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