Former Konga VP Gabriel Gab-Umoden on his latest venture,

Gabriel Gab-Umoden isn’t new in Nigeria’s tech space. Having served as a Vice President at ecommerce company Konga, Gabriel knew what the potentials of the ecommerce sector in Nigeria are but he surprised the industry when his next venture had absolutely nothing to do about ecommerce and was opposed to the norm in the ecosystem in Nigeria where tech companies start in Lagos before going elsewhere.

His new venture, Legend, is a trifecta offering Premium cable TV entertainment, unlimited Internet access, and local and international voice phone calls – all on the same wired network. He speaks to Ventureburn on the new venture which is quite different and could represent a paradigm shift in Nigeria’s tech ecosystem.

Ventureburn: What led to the transition from ecommerce (Konga) to Legend?

Gabriel Gab-Umoden
: It was a challenging opportunity in an exciting space. Konga was a great opportunity; this is an opportunity to introduce the platform on which Konga and other content providers exist, to a wider audience. I love a great challenge; it is a good match.

VB: What space is Legend filling?

: Legend is providing a multimedia broadband service that works, the right way! Nigerians have craved superior technology, unrestricted connectivity and access to premium content; Legend is making this a reality. We operate using a fibre-optic platform that is incredibly fast and super reliable.

VB: What is Legend really all about?

GGU: Legend is an exclusive multi-media brand that offers Premium cable TV entertainment, unlimited Internet access, local and international voice phone calls, and home management & security services, all on the same wired connection. It is an innovation in multimedia services, powered by the fibre-optic technology infrastructure.

There is an element of irokoTV, some element of Smile Telecoms and telephony services – why are you deciding to bring all these services available considering the fact that they are regulated somehow separately?

Our technology provides a one stop platform for users to consume all these services on the same connection. This therefore presents an opportunity to provide better value to customers, who can have one fixed bill and access to all these services for one great price.

VB: Why Abuja and not Lagos?

GGU: We have solid infrastructure already in place in Abuja and we want to provide our services to this market and solidify our service, before expanding to Lagos.

VB: What infrastructures are in place to ensure smooth roll out?

: We have a comprehensive fibre-optic network infrastructure in place in Abuja; select parts of the city have been connected to the grid and are ready to receive our services. We are getting the word out to prospects that we are here in Abuja and open for business. We also have best-in-class customer service support systems and technology partners to ensure that our quality of service remains at an optimal level.

VB: What impacts do you expect Legend to have?

GGU: Improved, “always on” reliable Internet access, crystal clear voice calls and affordable and enjoyable box office movies on demand. We want the brand to be synonymous with a trusted provider of services that work.

VB: Who are your partners in this venture?

: I am the CMO and I work for Suburban. Suburban has been in existence for over 15 years and are run by some of the most experienced hands in this space.

VB: Who are your targeted customers?

: We are targeting anyone who wants a better way to live. We are targeting those that want better more reliable, Internet, and those that want unrestricted access to premium video content, as well as customers who want crystal clear voice services; all from one provider and on the same connection.

VB: Legend to me represents a paradigm shift in Nigeria’s tech space from the service delivery point of view. Do you really think the ecosystem is mature enough for it?

GGU: Yes, I do. I believe Nigerians are ready for better quality and service, especially from tech providers. We are here to deliver on that promise; we will give it to them the right way through affordable, reliable and powerful new Internet based services that will enhance the quality of living in the country.

VB: How deep is Legend’s purpose, and who are the investors?

GGU: Our mission is to provide superior, more reliable and affordable services to our customers; our vision is clear. We will communicate about our investors in due time.

VB: What are your targets and expansion plans?

: We have humble aspirations and will grow the company at a pace that allows us to give the right level of quality service to everyone of our customers.

Paul Adepoju


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