Dadaab refugees learn app development through iHub

Innovation hub, iHub, in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), have joined to offer refugees of Dadaab in Garissa County, Kenya mobile application development training.

The first phase of training will only see 90 refugees take part in the development program in four main camps which will compromise of theoretical and practical aspects of android programming.

According to iHub, the curriculum will consist of:

  • Knowing how to make a profit distributing the app on the Google Play Store
  • Using simple programming language to develop applications
  • Understanding the business opportunities for developing an app
  • Understanding development, platform tools and the mobile ecosystem
  • Understanding and implementing the best android mobile application practices
  • Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and advantages of Mobile Web Technologies in app development
  • How to develop android apps for occasionally other connected devices such as tablets, and smart mobile devices

The DRC is a humanitarian NGO and NPO which was founded in 1956 operates out of 30 countries. Their main expertise lies within housing and small-scale infrastructure, production and income generation, social rehabilitation, and many others.

According to the United Nations (UNHCR – PDF download) High Commissioner for Refugees, there are currently 338 043 refugees.

The development program is already underway and with enough success will hopefully continue to empower the citizens of Dadaab for the better.

Featured image: Bjørn Heidenstrøm via Flickr.



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