Kagiso Interactive’s Kryptoro offers user friendly crypto exchange [Sponsored]

Marvel Comics, EA Games, Disney, MTN, and Mahindra Kotak Bank – apart from being among the biggest and most successful companies in technology, these names form part of the client list of SA software development firm Kagiso Interactive.

Kagiso Interactive, which has regularly been voted as the Best Mobile Applications Development Company in Africa and the Middle East, has recently been touted as one of the leading companies globally to watch in the space of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Aware of the recent explosion of cryptocurrencies across various fields, this giant of technological solutions ventures into the cryptocurrency sphere to create an innovative crypto exchange – Kryptoro.

‘Years of experience in cryptos’

Besides producing multiple mobile applications and web platforms for banks, traders, retail customers, fast food outlets, and many other industries, the experts behind Kryptoro have been transacting in cryptocurrencies since 2012.

It is without doubt that they are cognisant of the issues experienced by a number of digital asset owners who transact with exchange platforms.

With backing from Kagiso Interactive, the Kryptoro team is now perfecting a crypto exchange that will take on a fine-looking user interface, a high level of scalability, and a thick layer of security. All these and other additional features are aimed at providing solutions to issues that have always turned off crypto exchange clients.

Using the wealth of knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, the Kryptoro team pushes the limits to establish a cryptocurrency exchange that will set itself apart from other exchanges in every sense of the word.

Users can then expect a shift from the time-consuming manual info management to the advanced, efficient, and convenient ways of doing crypto transactions.

Some of the key differentiators the team aims to bring to Kryptoro are:

  • The ability to purchase cryptocurrencies using credit cards
  • An instant and simple fiat gateway
  • Multiple fiat-based pairs, beginning with ZAR with an interest to establish Dirham, Naira, and USD base currency pairs in the near future
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies (five to six on launch)
  • Superior security infrastructure that takes the burden off the user
  • Live trading analysis and trading tools to assist your investment decisions
  • Variable analytics generated by our AI trading software

Kryptoro CEO Priven Reddy himself summarises these features best by saying: “Kryptoro will not only bring users the ability to transact in cryptocurrencies easily. It will also provide users all the resources they need to make sound investment decisions right there on the platform without hassle.”

‘Investors gain confidence with KTO’

The Kryptoro (KTO) token will play an integral part in the Kryptoro Exchange ecosystem. The token will function as the “gas” of the exchange used to power all value-related transactions, including but not limited to trading fees, token listing fees, value added services, and subscription services.

As KTO approaches the end of the ICO crowd sale next month, more investors now look to secure themselves a portion of the total 25 million KTO (25% of the set KTO cap) open for purchase before Kryptoro Exchange goes live next month.

When the platform is launched, the inclusion of the Bull Run feature and the Trading Analysis Tools will follow suit, particularly in November.

By December, Kryptoro will set up holding companies and accounts in Nigeria and Dubai where Naira and Dirham base pairs will be established. This will eventually be followed by the release of new fiat money and crypto pairs in January next year.

With Kryptoro moving according to the company’s slated roadmap, investors are positive they will make the most out of the KTO tokens they bought. And as the launch of the exchange platform approaches, owners of digital assets can look forward to using a highly user-friendly crypto exchange like no other.

This article was sponsored by Kagiso Interactive.



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