How a web agency offers peace of mind with Cloudbric from Hetzner [Sponsored]

Pathfind Media owner and creative web director Jo Wagner
Pathfind Media owner and creative web director Jo Wagner

Cape Town based digital marketing agency Pathfind Media has a simple goal — to make creating and maintaining websites easier for their clients.

“We create websites for our clients, but we also offer uncompromising personal service — faster than you think and with less hassle than you care to handle,” says Pathfind Media owner and creative web director Jo Wagner.

That’s why Cloudbric is such a natural fit, it’s an all in one security solution that can be used by all WordPress sites, adds Wagner (pictured above).

Website security

Finding the right security both for Pathfind Media’s website — and to recommend to their clients — was a task Wagner took seriously. “Most of our clients don’t have an in-depth understanding when it comes to online security, so they have to rely on our advice,” he explains.

The open source nature of WordPress is what makes it such a creative platform. It is maintained by a community of developers, designers and testers around the world, and regularly tested and audited to ensure that it stays secure.

But, there are risks. Running an outdated version of WordPress or using untested plugins or themes opens your website to attack. weak passwords and incorrect configuration also makes your website vulnerable.

Choosing Cloudbric

That’s why Pathfind Media turned to Cloudbric, a hosted security solution that detects and blocks attacks against your WordPress website before they even get to the site.

Cloudbric is an all-in-one solution — a Web Application Firewall (WAF) — offering website-level Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) protection and blocking specific IP ranges and countries, exactly what Wagner was looking for.

“Cloudbric came at an affordable, flat rate and because it is ‘Hetzner approved’ I know I can trust the software to protect my clients’ websites,” he explains.

Wagner has been a Hetzner customer since he created his first website, making frequent use of the company’s advice and knowledge base to upskill his team.

“Honestly, my business would not have grown to where it is now if it weren’t for Hetzner,” he says.

The local data presence that guarantees minimal lag — despite the sophisticated security running in the background — makes it more conducive to his South African clients too.

Advising clients which security service to trust is part of the job — one that Wagner doesn’t take lightly. “Cloudbric gives me peace of mind that malicious attacks are filtered. I had two sites hacked in my web development career. But both of them have Cloudbric now!”

Find out more about Pathfind Media on the company’s Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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