Have you been filing all wrong? [Sponsored]

Think you’re on top of your filing? Well, here are the few things you may still be doing wrong.

You’re an experienced and successful business owner on the way to great things. Your business prides itself on being organised and well run – an asset to its clients.

But, there are still a few tricks you may be missing when it comes to your filing.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes business owners are still making.

Living in the past

Yes, we all love the feel and certainty that paper provides. There it is, in black and white.

But with increased overheads and mounting expenses, it makes more financial sense to take your filing online.

Electronic document and file management systems (EDMS) are the way to go when you’re looking to decrease unnecessary file management, warehousing and printing costs within your business.

EDMS offers benefits like instant document retrieval and onsite file management with an interface so user-friendly anyone can use it. It also offers incredible track-ability so that nothing gets lost while you’re making the move into the cloud.

Capturing data the old-fashioned way

Are you still wasting precious resources on old-fashioned data capturing processes?

Your employees are assets and could probably be far more useful supporting other parts of your business. So why waste time, when your data capturing activities could be automated?

Time is money, so don’t spend it on manual processes when technology can do it for you.

Not obsessed with privacy and security

You’ve already got an online system and you are under the impression that your firewall is going to beat sophisticated hackers or disgruntled staff?

Or you have physical files stored in your office ready to be plundered by a savvy intruder? Either way, you’re putting yourself at great risk.

South Africa’s crime and fraud figures indicate an uptick in data-related breaches. So, make sure you don’t become a statistic. Partner with an expert company like The Document Warehouse, to ensure that your company’s data is stored securely, away from prying eyes.

Don’t worry, just about all business owners have been guilty of these mistakes at some point in their careers. But you can avoid these pitfalls by embracing change and the new opportunities presented by taking your business online.

For more detail on the benefits of EDMS, contact The Document Warehouse today.

This article was sponsored by The Document Warehouse.



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