SA digital consultancy Enlight Strategic signs deal with Israeli startup Oribi


Enlight Strategic, the digital transformation consultancy founded by former Primedia Digital and Creative Spark (which previously owned Ventureburn) CEO Tanja Lategan, has announced that it has inked an exclusive partnership with data analytics tool Oribi Analytics.

Founded in 2016 by Israeli entrepreneur Iris Shoor, Oribi’s behavioural analytics software is aimed at marketers and business owners looking to understand the performance of their websites and marketing campaigns through tracking events, conversions, correlations and user behaviour.

Under the terms of the partnership, Enlight Strategic will be the exclusive representative of Oribi in South Africa.

Unlike Google Analytics, which simply tracks website data, Oribi provides businesses with the actual insights and trends they need to turn data into action. Oribi automatically picks up custom Google and Facebook event tracking installed on your website as “Custom Events”, so data from these events can be viewed and integrated into Oribi reporting.

Under the terms of the partnership, Enlight Strategic will be the exclusive representative of Oribi in South Africa

Lategan, who launched Enlight Strategic in June, told Ventureburn today that in terms of the deal her consultancy will get commission of between 10% to 50% on each sale it makes of the product, dependent on the size of each deal.

Oribi has both monthly and annual packages tailored to startups, agencies, and enterprise-scale companies. The product is sold at a subscription fee of $300 to $400 a month, said Lategan.

The software is aimed at both digital agencies (which are able to white label the software) and enterprises and Lategan argues that it can save business owners thousands of rands a month.

It essentially does away with the need by firm to hire a data scientist, who can easily command a minimum salary of R20 000 a month, she pointed out.

Said Lategan in an earlier statement today: “Given South Africa’s tough economic circumstances, businesses are under more pressure than ever to deliver increased returns at reduced cost. “Their best hope of doing so is to embrace digital transformation in their marketing departments.

“Doing so with the traditionally available tools, however, has generally meant hiring additional expertise,” she adds. “With Oribi, businesses not only have the data they need to embrace this kind of transformation, but also the insights required to turn that data into profit.”

US investor has biggest stake

Enlight Strategic earlier this year received an investment from a New York investor, which Lategan would not name.

She was able to confirm however, when questioned by Ventureburn, that the amount the investor put in was less than $1-million.

While the investor has a 60% share in the business, Lategan said this would be diluted by 20% (to 48%) when a third shareholder comes on board, this after a third partner pulled out their stake in the business over a “conflict of interest”. Lategan’s said her stake will remain at 40% after a new third shareholder is found.

When asked by Ventureburn whether with just a 40% stake of the business, this made her ineffectively not in control of the business, Lategan pointed to a clause in the company’s memorandum of incorporation which states that for any one of the shareholder’s decisions to take effect requires that a second shareholder support their vote.

Lategan said the business currently has three fulltime staff, with a number of contractors.

Featured image: Enlight Strategic CEO Tanja Lategan (Supplied)



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