The Delta Studio: Shaking up the venture and product innovation space

Innovation has always been at the core of business and yet it remains one of the hottest buzzwords.

The Delta Studio, a relatively new player in the disruption and corporate innovation business, isn’t just riding the wave — they’re making a massive splash.

Started by Louis Buys, The Delta Studio is attracting entrepreneurs and corporates whose love of building new products are making the way others build products look kind of, well, traditional.

“Innovation is no longer a choice, it is a strategic imperative,” echoes Buys.

Let’s take a look at how things used to be done and how Buys and his team are streamlining the art of innovation.

How do ventures go from 0 to 1?

Until recently, new and existing ventures have been relying on resources like incubators, accelerators and digital agencies to help them startup and scale-up.

These go-to services have been the foundation of the venture building space, but aren’t without their flaws.

How do incubators and accelerators work?

Incubators and accelerators are programs that provide a combination of seed capital,shared workspace and mentorship to new and existing ventures.

Accelerators focus on scaling businesses — for a specific period of time — while incubators focus more on innovation.

Both of these programmes are meant to supply ventures with tools and expert knowledge to help them bloom, but often these terms are used loosely and entrepreneurs might find themselves in rooms with other entrepreneurs who know as much, or as little, as they do.

How do digital agencies work?

The main purpose of digital agencies is to complete a certain part of a venture or product — for example the brand guide, the website or the app — in a certain amount of time.

Agencies specialise in a number of tools and skills and build their set services around those skill sets.

The fact that agencies only focus on one part of your venture allows them to execute with extreme precision and attention to detail, but it also means that they don’t have stakes in the big picture.

Ultimately digital agencies or development houses don’t put a huge emphasis on whether your business or venture fails or how the idea they’re helping you develop will be accepted when it goes to market. They only need to ensure that their part works.

Which of these is Delta Studio?

Although incubators, accelerators and agencies have their place in the venture building space and have proven track records, The Delta Studio is neither of these.

It’s something completely new, a venture building model that redefines how and why products are built and scaled. It’s a venture studio.

What is a venture studio?

A venture studio has all the resources, services and people needed to build and scale products under one roof they are there from the conceptualisation through to the development and commercialisation of the product.

The Delta Studio, as a venture studio, understands that the most important part of the venture building process is the first step — idea validation.

It’s crucial that there is a market for the products that they build and that those products are built as efficiently and effectively as possible

A venture studio sees themselves as a partner and in some cases may also establish themselves as co-founders of the ventures they build.

What does the Delta Studio do?

The Delta Studio works extensively in the venture builder and product innovation space. Like most entrepreneurs and companies have realised, venture and product building are complex.

The Delta Studio brings change to our industry, co-creating with companies and entrepreneurs.

Corporates are best positioned to identify, fund and market the potential businesses of tomorrow.

However, corporates often struggle to validate, build, support and champion these new products and ventures often due to resources, agility and ownership.

The Delta Studio is a corporate venture builder; they are fast, accountable, independent and transformational, their experience includes working with clients across multiple industries.

They bring a new lens to your business, data and product strategy.

Their approach includes six key pillars:

  1. Idea validation by using Google Venture design sprints, prototyping, user research and strategy workshops to ensure that they build the right products
  2. Brand development by innovating customised solutions specific to your brand creating a lasting image on customers
  3. User experience and user interface (UX/UI) design by producing the highest quality brands and user experiences
  4. Product development by working closely with their engineers, developers and product owners, ensuring they build high-quality applications and services
  5. Commercialisation by partnering with you to launch and maximise the probability of success
  6. Advisory by working with companies to bring perspective and fill gaps where needed in your technology strategy and product roadmap ensuring best practice procedures

How do they do it?

There are a few factors that determine The Delta Studio’s ongoing success in building products:

  • They’re lean and agile: The Delta Studio uses lean and agile approaches when building products. This allows for more efficient processes, increased productivity, increased quality, allowance for change, and predictable costs, schedules and delivery.
  • They hire the best people: The Delta Studio doesn’t only employ the best people, but also people with the same collective values and the ability (and drive) to be taught and teach each other.
  • They’re honest, transparent and realistic: First and fore mostly, The Delta Studio is your partner. Which means, your success is their success. They will always ask the hard questions and if they feel that a product or idea hasn’t been validated sufficiently, they will tell you.

Want to partner up?

The Delta studio is always on the lookout for new exciting ventures, products and people to partner with.

Their ideal partners are ventures and corporates who have the vision and funding to take their products from ideas to validated, tested, premium products.

If you want to launch a great product and partner up, get in touch!

Send them a message at to set up a free consultation.

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The Delta Studio


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