Local startup offers affordable legal services during Covid-19


A South African startup, Get Law has created a platform aiming to simplify access to much-needed legal by allowing users to access registered attorneys at a reduced rate. 

Founded by two brothers and dynamic duo, Ya’eesh CAder and Youshaa Cader, the team is comprised of seven contracted freelance attorneys with two shareholders.

Investing in the company with their capital amounting to R2 500, the founders have created a new and innovative system to allow South Africans with easier access to legal representation and advice. 

Get Law offers affordable legal services to South Africans via their online platform

The entire business is digital, and the savings as a result of not being burdened with the hassles of traditional SME expenses like large rental overheads, etc, are passed onto their clients. Saving on costs is an important aspect to Get Law as they branch out into providing a much-needed service to South Africans. 

Launching in April 2020, Get Law is an online legal services platform that using online services to cater to the growing demand of local consumers during the era of micro-transactions.  

The impacts of Covid-19 led to the innovative creation of this startup, a network of digital and legal professionals saw the opportunity to enable their services digitally rather than succumb to the financial terrors of the pandemic.

As many businesses and professionals have molded their offering as they adapt to the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the pandemic, the founders were inspired by the use of digital services in enabling them to provide a service. The opportunity to leverage off digital skills from one of the founders made this a complex concept but one that was fairly simple to execute. 

With many lawyers facing retrenchment or losing their job, Get Law has provided a much-needed employment opportunity to this sector.

Ensuring that all legal professionals providing their services through Get Law, each member is registered and a qualified attorney with experience in a range of legal matters from civil litigation, labor and employment matters, family law, and more. The sessions are conducted digitally via chat, phone call or video call, allowing Get Law to abide and work through the social distancing rules applied. 

Being in a position to be able to give back is a core value entrenched in the Get Law business philosophy. As this is integral to the business model, Get Law initially offered free legal advice sessions to potential customers by simply accessing the online portal and applying a promo code. 

Down to business 

Since the launch in May 2020, Get Law has garnered a wide range of clientele, mainly African black females in the lower-income band and those aged between 25-54 years. Get Law claims that the mobile visits to their service account for over 90% of their traffic. 

Compared to the traditional firm format, Get Law has no hidden costs in its service offering and customers are ablet o select their product online. Their offering includes an affordable 15-minutes legal consultation to the drafting of complex legal contracts. Clients can pay securely via credit card or EFT. 

Freelance attorneys who would like to join the panel at Get Law are encouraged to submit their application to  partnerships@getlaw.co.za.

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Featured image: Scott Graham via Unsplash



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