Cape Town entrepreneur launches local food delivery app

A Cape Town-based entrepreneur, Faldiel Bassadien, has launched a new local food delivery app titled Pekkish SA.

The app functions as a food ordering and delivery service platform, similar to that of Uber Eats but with a twist as it focuses on the promotion of authentic local cuisine

In a statement on their website, Pekkish SA explains that the platform aims to promote authentic local cuisine and support local small food businesses. 

“We connect our customers with the best local eateries and food-related products nearby while helping businesses expand their reach,” as shared on the Pekkish website.

The inspiration for launching the app was to connect customers with local food vendors.

“We believe that food is one of life’s simple joys and that finding the food you crave should be fast, easy and fun,” as shared on their website.

The food delivery platform works with local food vendors such as Mumu Juice, Paradise Pizza, Buzz Burgers and Wraps, and Simply Tasty.

Pekkish SA is available for customers to download through the Google Play Store. Customers can sign-in on the app and enter their address to find their nearest food vendor. 

Supporting local food vendors 

Pekkish SA has created an additional service for its hosted food vendors with an additional platform that allows clients to manage their orders and deliveries. By joining Pekkish SA, local vendors will be able to reach more customers.

There are currently three different tiered monthly subscription packages available for food vendors. Each plan is based on the number of orders placed per month. 

Vendors who have up to 60 orders a month will pay a monthly subscription fee of R149 per month.

For vendors who have 61 to 500 orders per month the subscription fee is R399 per month. With vendors that have more than 500 orders per month, the subscription fee is R799 per month.

Vendors will be able to create their own online store on the app, including their delivery menu and images of the food options available. 

The vendors will then receive the order through an allocated Android device. In addition, vendors will be able to choose their operating hours, allowing for more flexibility in work hours. 

The vendors will also be able to offer delivery services through the app’s delivery option. 

The vendors will also have the option of assigning their own “delivery representative” or choose from registered Pekkish SA drivers nearby.

“These drivers will collect the order from your premises and deliver it to the customer. It’s that simple!” as stated on the Pekkish SA website.

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Feature image: Norma Mortenson via Pexels 



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