Global Wealth Group unlocks real estate opportunities with FinTech

In 2020 the global real estate market was valued at over $320 trillion, making property worth almost four times the global gross domestic product. This asset class has been available to only the wealthiest investors in the top one percent. Global Wealth Group is using crowdfunding and group investment to give at least 25 percent of the global population access to this market and other methods of preserving wealth by 2030.

Wealth Migrate aims to give 25 percent of the global population access to methods of preserving wealth by 2030

“We are on a purposeful journey to scale globally. By offering investors the opportunity to invest in our company and join our wealth movement, we enable access to high-quality investment opportunities for everyone. We’re standing up for the person who wants freedom and to be in control of their financial future,” says Global Wealth Group CEO Scott Picken.

Crowdfunding uses the momentum of a group investment and is one of the tools made possible by advancements in technology, by allowing each member of the group to invest above their means. Wealth Migrate has integrated digital wallets to augment the online marketplace services.

“The real estate industry is experiencing a tech disruption, with over 250 platforms worldwide adapting to innovation,” explains Picken. “Our global platform grants us a competitive edge in comparison to other real estate platforms that are built for in-country deals only.”

The project reached its raise target within three days of opening investment to the public. They are now overfunding but announced that they have a hard limit to which they are prepared to overfund, and investment interest will be on a first come, first served basis.

Wealth Migrate is the only platform designed and launched as a global platform and Picken affirms that the company has persevered in offering a compliant solution that solved the complexity of regulations and banking through collaborative smart investing and digital wallets.

Wealth Migrate operates on five continents, has international capital flow, and offers diversity in first-world markets.

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Featured image by Brandon Griggs/Unsplash

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