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All posts by Emmanuel Sibanda

Emmanuel Sibanda
Emmanuel is an entrepreneur, a computer science student and a lawyer who has an active interest in tech-entrepreneurship, venture capital, e-learning, programming and reading.
  • The startup dead zone and how to avoid it

    The 'dead zone'... This is the purgatory where startups are either cleansed of their inability to serve the needs of their respective markets or they, like most startups, die a painful death. This is a familiar and very dangerous place to be in because it could literally make or break your venture. Based purely on my limited experience in the startup realm, the dead zone can be defined as any prolonged period of time where your early-stage startup makes money but experiences little to no growth. What makes this zone exceptionally dangerous for startups is that you get fooled into...

  • From YDE to Uber Flavour: Paul Simon’s journey as an ‘accidental entrepreneur’

    There is no better place for a South African to spend a cold Thursday evening than sitting at Townhouse Lodge listening in on an entrepreneur flooded fireside chat hosted by Giullaume De Wet at Startup Grind Cape Town. This month the man in the spotlight was none other than Mr YDE, or as he would prefer to be called today, Mr Uber Flavour, Mr &Threads or just Paul Simon really -- a man worthy of a standing ovation. Simon is not your, traditional entrepreneur (if there is such a thing). His story is one about a series of uncalculated decisions that...

  • PoS terminal startup Nomanini, TranSol partner to expand to Ghana

    Nomanini, a South African-based Point of Sale (PoS) service provider, has partnered up with Transactions Solutions Ghana Limited (TranSol) to substantially scale the number of its cloud-based PoS terminals in Ghana. The TranSol partnership signals Nomanini’s first scaled project commitment in West Africa, with Kuda Mushambi, the COO of Nomanini, revealing the company’s hope to use this opportunity to further Nomanini’s involvement in the Western African region. The South African-based Nomanini is responsible for an innovative and "highly scalable" cloud-based mobile PoS terminal. It has until this point been plying its trade in six countries (Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa...

  • Dare to dream, dare to fail: 4 lessons from Adelaide Potgieter’s MadWorld

    South African entrepreneur and the founder of creative agency group MadWorld, Adelaide Potgieter, is very daring. In between rocky roads of the past, vulnerabilities, she's over the years managed to turn a R1 500 investment into a R60-million company by daring to dream. This was the message that was left at Startup Grind Cape Town this month, with the ever so enchanting, Potgieter, as the honoured guest. As always, the event was buzzing with highly ambitious, excited entrepreneurs hungry for knowledge, and managed to live up to its hype as the South African entrepreneur revealed her secrets to success. 1. Drive...

  • 4 tips startups can take from the traditional blueprint of disruption

    Saul Alinsky published a somewhat controversial book back in 1971, called Rules for Radicals. It details the structure and organisation employed in revolutions. A lot has changed since then, but with buzzwords like disruption shaping our economic landscape more than ever before, crucial lessons can still be drawn from Alinsky's theory of radicals and applied to a startup perspective. As in our economic environment, the tech startup space is made up of two main groups: the haves and the have-nots. The haves are the companies that have attained an above average level of financial success. The haves seek to secure...

  • Should startups have a work-life balance?

    Our society, or more appropriately the entrepreneurship community, seems to have an idée fixe with the work-life balance concept. The general mind-set in the tech-preneurship community is that you should not have a work-life balance. Your work should become your life. Some go as far as arguing that if you truly enjoy what you are doing you cannot call that work, it is just another part of your life. Work is life, the two are inseparable: the prelude to success We constantly are bombarded with tales of how hard-work is synonymous with success in the entrepreneurship space. The term hard-work in...

  • Should budding entrepreneurs share their ideas?

    There's a general school of thought among a number of new entrepreneurs that one should not share their business idea with anyone else. The reasoning behind this is that you need to protect your ideas and what you regard as your intellectual property. On the face of it all it sounds like logically sound argument. A business is after all quintessentially an idea that has been executed into a product which hopefully has a large enough market to sustain its expenses. New entrepreneurs network with the mentality that they will not share their ideas and try as extract as much value...

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