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SA’s Snapplify eyes other emerging markets as it expands to South America

snapplify South African ebook distribution startup Snapplify recently announced that it's taking its electronic retail platform to other emerging markets, starting with South America. The company hopes its unique knowledge of the South African market will help drive ebook adoption in other countries with similar characteristics around the globe. In a blog post, Snapplify Founder Wesley Lynch explains the attractiveness of the South American expansion, saying that there's a definite market gap in emerging markets: "Many publishers will try to employ models for ebook ...

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SA’s MySidekick wants to be the shopping assistant in your pocket

MySidekick-Google-Plus-Cover-Image-Final MySideKick is a new app for South Africa's shoppers. The free app claims to give easy access to specials, promotions, sales, products and coupons of some of the country's major retailers based on your location. Recently launched by entrepreneurs Leonard Brewer, Mark Pratt, Charles Guise-Brown, Ian Banneman and Corinne Lategan, the startup wanted is developing an app that saves South African's time and money. So far, a number of leading retailers have already linked onto the network and form part ...

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Machine on the verge of an exit, but to whom?

Machine Machine, the integrated digital agency founded by Adrian Hewlett, is on the verge of being bought up. A source close to the deal confirmed that an acquisition was in the works and could be completed by as early as the end of the week, but could not give any detail around who the innovative agency might be selling to. There have however been rumours floating about that the buyer could be French advertising giant, Publicis. Both it and ...


6 tips for giving your startup’s customer service efforts a good spring-cleaning

Spring cleaning We always enter spring with a renewed sense of optimism and hope, and it’s a time of rebirth, renewal and new growth. While you are putting away your winter clothes and cleaning out all the accumulated dust from winter, make sure to take time to do some spring cleaning around the office or business too. Spring’s a great time to re-energise your startup and a good time reorganise and spruce up what your customers experience. Here are six top tips to ...

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Redefining bootstrapping: it’s all about developing a sustainable plan

bootstrap Given the current global startup environment, I believe a re-definition of the term bootstrapping is in order. I believe bootstrapping is more than just an adverb and should be viewed as a comprehensive strategy for tech startups. What is bootstrapping? Historically, bootstrapping has been a term used to describe the efforts made by individuals to overcome a nearly impossible obstacle or to improve oneself through self-sustaining efforts requiring no assistance from others. The saying, “to pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps” has been ...

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Evernote dubs Kenya’s Chamasoft winner of African Innovation Award

Evernote Earlier this year, Evernote traveled through Africa from Nigeria to Kenya and then South Africa in search of a promising tech startups that could compliment its app ecosystem. The US productivity software company then teamed up with the African Technology Foundation and scouted the continent's tech hubs in search of a promising startup to pitch at the Evernote Conference in Silicon Valley. Now Kenyan financial recording company, Chamasoft, has been announced as the winner of the African Innovation Award. Chris Traganos, ...


From diapers to grilled cheese: WumDrop’s curious on-demand courier service takes on SA

WumDrop-crew A few months ago, we at Burn Media HQ discovered a curious new courier service in our neighbourhood: you can tweet to get a grilled cheese sandwich delivered straight to you face. Needless to say, it sparked our interest as much it did our appetite. It turned out that the Grilled Cheese Club is run by local entrepreneur, Simon Hartley, as a trial service fitting into his bigger vision of a cheap, efficient on-demand courier service in South Africa. It's ...

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Aqua snatches up SA software company Applogix

Aqua South African digital agency, Aqua Group, has just confirmed the acquisition of nine-year-old software company, Applogix. The deal will help Aqua strengthen its role as a strong digital competitor with a focus on the ever growing mobile and ecommerce market. “The acquisition of Applogix is a strategic move that demonstrates our commitment to providing our clients with a fully-integrated digital service,” says Brent Shahim, CEO of Aqua. “[Applogix] gives us the ability to bring clients powerful strategic and technological solutions ...

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DHL records 1000% growth in sub-Saharan Africa in less than 3 years

DHL The notable red and yellow German logistics company DHL Express recently announced a massive growth milestone of 1000% within the last three years in sub-Saharan Africa. This impressive growth is mostly attributed to its third party business partnership strategy. In the press release, DHL Express notes that it's increased its service points from 300 to over 3 300. Apart from the DHL outlets, the company has also partnered with key business owners or resellers including electronic stores and travel agencies ...


Forget funding: 5 things South African tech entrepreneurs really need to start caring about

Building And it's probably not bitcoin. In the last couple of years, startups - especially within the tech sector - have (finally) been given a bit more time in the spotlight. I'd say that this has mostly coincided with endeavours like Silicon Cape and the passion of a handful of individuals (entrepreneurs, investors and geeks) to create more of an ecosystem for (tech) entrepreneurs to flourish. I've mostly been on the fence about getting overly involved or saying anything overly opinionated about this, ...