Why South African brands really should adopt an omni-channel model

shopping The term omni-channel is on everyone's lips today -- across all sectors -- yet no brand in South Africa has managed to execute on a true omni-channel strategy. Look to the international market, however, and you'll find many examples of companies that have gained a real competitive edge from omni-channel approaches, including the likes of John Lewis, Tesco, Marriott International and Starbucks. Starbucks stands out in the competitive coffee shop landscape partly because of how it's able to deliver a great ...

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SA small business should automate HR solutions to compete globally

Human Resources Head of Sage HR Africa, Gerhard Hartman says that South African small business should implement automated payroll and HR solutions to keep pace with global competition and more stringent labour and tax laws. "Without an automated payroll solution, most businesses will find it difficult to perform accurate calculations and file tax submissions on time," Hartman says in a recent press release. "With African governments putting more focus on governance and tax compliance than ever before, responsible companies must have robust and ...

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CiTi breeds success with mobile triage, diabetes platforms showcased abroad

TOMPSA Barcelona, Spain recently saw the conclusion of the World Mobile Congress 2015 alongside the Mobile Premier Awards -- an initiative that showcased mobile software innovations from around the globe, including South Africa's mobile medical platforms such as the Mobile Triage app and AnasodiabITiz Inc. The Mobile Triage app won the Big Impact Award while Dr Chibuzo, the founder and CEO of AnasodiabITiz Inc, delivered a keynote address. Both of these mobile technologies have been incubated or supported by the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) -- a South African ...

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Missing out big time: 4 reasons why PayPal should commit to Nigeria right now

PayPal PayPal has a one-sided relationship with Nigerians keen to transfer and accept cash online. So much so, that the popular digital wallet service is losing out on a massive potential market. Picture this: Chris is a Nigerian startup co-founder whose company recently secured a deal from a United Kingdom-based client. The client wanted to use the Nigerian-based platform to market his products. Following the completion of the project, the client said he could only pay via PayPal since he read about ...

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Project Inspire: looking for tech & design to change the world for women

Project-Inspire A competition which seeks to support social entrepreneurs around the globe, Project Inspire, is calling for initiatives that can empower women around the globe. Aimed specifically at Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, the project is currently accepting entries until 1 June 2015. Project Inspire was launched in 2011 by the Singapore Committee for UN Women and MasterCard during the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Its objective is to seek out and offer support to social entrepreneurs between the ages of ...

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Seed Academy offers free two-day course for grassroots entrepreneurs

Seed Engine Seed Academy, the South African school for entrepreneurs is offering a two-day course for grassroots entrepreneurs in Gauteng, called Roots. Corporates and other businesses are also given the opportunity to support these micro businesses. The course can apparently be customised in different languages and aims to provide micro and small businesses with knowledge of key business principles and insight into what is required to establish and operate a successful company. "Job creation is at the forefront of the government’s mandate. We are ...

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5 reasons why Africa is fertile ground for blazing ecommerce growth

Trolley Do not be surprised if you come across news that says ecommerce is dramatically spreading its wings in Africa. There is no doubt digital commerce is heading Africa’s way. According to a report, by the Hamburg-based business intelligence organisation, ecommerce has tremendous growth potential in Africa. Though a late entrant, Africa is seen by industry giants as one of fastest growing ecommerce markets in the world. So what is it that's made the African landscape ripe for ecommerce growth? Let’s take a ...

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Gartner is looking for African startups to showcase at its Symposium/ ITxpo 2015

Gartner The tech research firm, Gartner, is organising its Symposium/ITxpo Africa 2015 in South Africa and is inviting African tech startups to take part. The event will be held on the 28-30 September 2015 at the International Convention Centre in Cape Town. Gartner will host its Symposium/ ITxpo 2015 in other places too, including in Dubai, Orlando, Brazil, Australia, Tokyo, Japan, India and Brcelona over the course of this year. The aim of the programme, says Rene Jacobs, managing director of Gartner Africa ...

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Omidyar Network provides two-year tax grant to Tax Justice Network Africa

Tax 2 Omidyar Network has announced a two-year grant, worth over US$450 000, to the Tax Justice Network Africa (TJN-A) in order to support the Nairobi, Kenya-based nonprofit's work in promoting equitable tax systems on the continent. Established in 2007, the Tax Justice Network Africa is described as a pan-African initiative that sets out to promote socially just, democratic and progressive taxation systems on the continent. "TJN-A has established itself as the preeminent African organisation working on tax justice on the continent," said Omidyar ...

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GeoMall wants to use the Internet of Things to make shopping a breeze

GeoMall lead Malls are crowded spaces. Filled with screaming babies, flashy ads and squeaky shopping trolleys, finding that right pair of jeans on sale can be a real mission. And grabbing the attention of an average roaming customer is a huge challenge for retailers. Unlike a few online shopping outlets, a new app called GeoMall is not trying to replace the shopping centre. Instead it's gearing up to implement a new technology to make the shopping experience more seamless and fruitful. By using pieces of hardware ...