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She Leads Africa is taking these 8 female entrepreneurs to pitch in the US

Diaspora Demo Day Woman empowerment initiative She Leads Africa recently announced the eight startups that will be traveling to the US to pitch at Diaspora Demo Day. Diaspora Demo Day is said to be the largest gathering of African startups, entrepreneurs and angel investors outside of the continent. Taking place in Washington DC, US near the end of November, this event will showcase both innovative tech and social companies as well as keynotes and demonstrations. The initiative is hosted by Tiphub -- an accelerator and ...

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SAP Startup Focus will bring SAP HANA workshops to Cape Town startups

startup focus The SAP Startup Focus program is just around the corner, with over sixty startups already registered for the Big Data-orientated event. Taking place in Cape Town, the program aims to help startups juggling the advantages and pitfalls of Big Data, predictive and analytics spheres, using SAP's HANA platform. SAP HANA "converges database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive and spatial processing so businesses can operate in real-time," notes the company's official HANA portal. The suite has ...


Leveraging the omni-channel is critical for etailers this festive season

shop cart Customers often get confused and overwhelmed by choice when walking down a grocery store's aisle – and browsing online for products is not much different. Retailers need to use the technology at their disposal to guide customers more efficiently. As shopping heats up in the build up to the festive season, retailers in particular need to communicate more intuitively and intelligently to connected consumers. It would seem that investing in mobile-driven solutions such as apps would be a no-brainer. Yet, worldwide ...

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BitX launches stylish bitcoin app to drive adoption in emerging markets

bitx South Africa and Singapore-based bitcoin exchange and tech startup BitX just launched a virtual currency app which hopes to unlock the growing potential presented by emerging markets, as well as the rest of the globe. One of the key differentials BitX Bitcoin Wallet has is that it's mobile-first, built with your average consumer in mind. Essentially, this means the app is easy-to-use as well as smooth and practical. "The current apps available are good enough for bitcoin early adopters, though they can ...

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Wayn introduces global hotel search with partnership

Wayn Wayn (Where Are You Now), the social network for jet-setters, is partnering with -- one of the world's main booking accommodations sites and member of Priceline Group. The deal will enable the social network to offer an accommodation search service to more than 22.7 million of its members. According to Jerome Touze, the co-founder of Wayn, “Providing a hotel search option to Wayn members is a logical step for us. We focus on the top of the travel funnel by providing ...


Breaking Even: 5 business lessons to take from a crystal meth startup

Walter White If you haven't heard of it yet, AMC's popular Breaking Bad TV series stars an over-qualified science teacher, Walter White, who is diagnosed with lung cancer at 50. As a result of his diagnosis he decides to produce crystal meth (crystallized methamphetamine) – illegally of course – with an old student, Jesse Pinkman. He does this to provide financial security for his family before he dies. Breaking Bad's main characters' business was selling the meth they manufactured to other business sectors in ...

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Microsoft 4Afrika, Skrill team up for new ecommerce portal

ecommerce computer card Growing economies, an emerging middle class and increased connectivity. These are three things that a number of African countries have experienced over the past few years. They also however represent a massive ecommerce opportunity. Microsoft 4Afrika, together with online payments company Skrill and a number of mobile operators, are looking to tap into it with the launch of a new portal. Launched today at communications conference AfricaCom, the portal will enable Africans to use their mobile wallets to buy from ...

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Want to give your startup a tactical edge? Go paperless from the start

Paperwork In an age dominated by technology, why are we still seeing businesses – and startups especially –  printing, copying, faxing, scanning and then filing trillions of pieces of paper? Did you know that globally businesses continues to use paper printouts to archive 62% of all their important documents? So why is it so difficult for businesses to make the switch from printed paper to digital archiving and storage? Three simple words - fear, uncertainty and doubt (or FUD for short) I have spent ...

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SA Small Business Minister launches Startup Nations South Africa intiative

Minister Lindiwe Zulu at SUNSA launch South Africa's Small Business Minister, Lindiwe Zulu, today launched the Startup Nations South Africa initiative, a collaborative effort by founding partners, The Innovation Hub, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and the Wits Business School, aimed at contributing towards building a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem and vibrant sustainable entrepreneurship culture. With the launch of the initiative, South Africa joins a global network of Startup Nations such as Startup Britain, Startup Chile, Startup Malaysia, Startup China, Startup Norway, Startup Australia and more recently Startup ...


Nigerian game startup launches illustrator competition

Abiola2 Nigerian mobile games company, Gamsole, has launched a new competition offering US$4,000 in prizes and career opportunities for five talented illustrators. Founded by Abiola Olaniran, Nigeria’s highest paid Windows game developer, Gamsole creates games for the Windows phone platform, taking advantage of its fast growth and unsaturated gaming market. The competition will be running until 23 November and entrants must submit a graphical concept for a game, including character design in different moods and positions. Gamsole will be offering a US$3 ...