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PlayLogix aims to fast-track SA startups with Startup Build Pack

PlayLogix Incubator slash dev lab, PlayLogix, recently announced its Startup Build Pack. This programme is said to provide entrepreneurs with real tangible support focused on product creation -- not just PR and business advice. There are so many incubators popping up across Africa but early stage tech startups still has a very high failure rate. In South Africa this has become increasingly popular. PlayLogix aims to set itself apart from other dev labs and incubators by focusing on product development with ...

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Security startups and Africa’s mobile boom: big problems, huge opportunities

lock security The bigger the problem, the greater the opportunity. With the increasing popularity of smartphone usage paired with greater internet penetration in Africa, mobile security startups have gradually started to join the cause against cyber threats -- something that the continent is very vulnerable to. One of the most inspirational and well-known entrepreneurial stories in South Africa (and beyond) is probably that of Mark Shuttleworth. Thawte, as you most likely know, is Shuttleworth’s first digital certificate and internet security startup. The ...


Scored an interview with a journalist? How to make sure your startup benefits

Reporters Flickr So you’ve sent the perfect email pitch, and have set up an interview with a tech journalist who is interested in your startup. Now comes the next challenge: telling a compelling story. While writing skills matter in a good article, a lot falls on the interviewee. Reporters, after all, write based on facts, and if there’s little to go on, there’s nothing we can do to spruce it up. So knowing what the media finds compelling helps. Here are some tips to ...

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3 reasons why your ecommerce startup shouldn’t ignore LinkedIn

Linkedin-iPad Anyone with an entrepreneurial passion can start a business because startup and marketing costs have plummeted. All this is because of the internet. The internet has shrunk the world of commerce, making it possible to buy or sell goods from anywhere in the world. All one needs to create an ecommerce business is a computer and the fastest internet connection they can get their hands on. Marketing an online business While, of course, there are many aspects to running a startup -- ...

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GoMetro is VentureOut Challenge finalist, will pitch for $10k from infoDev

Gometro South African mobile startup GoMetro has been selected as a Global Finalist in the VentureOut Challenge -- an initiative of infoDev, a global partnership programme within The World Bank Group. GoMetro's transit app, which provides contextual public transport information directly to commuters' mobile phones will compete against 12 other mobile apps from around the world, in front of a live audience and a panel of experts, in Chisinau, Moldova on 1 November. The VentureOut initiative was launched to help mobile entrepreneurs ...


5 reasons why Rocket Internet graduates become good entrepreneurs

Rocket Internet We’ve seen our share of ex-Rocket Internet employees rocking the startup scene regions such as in Asia lately. They helped build companies like Zalora, Lazada, FoodPanda, and OfficeFab from the ground up. But they parted ways and went on to build their own startups. And boy, do they have a good success rate in attracting investors and making waves in the industry. We talked to five Rocket Internet “graduates” based in Indonesia to find out more about this phenomenon. We found ...

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Man versus machine: virtual real estate agent Property Switch bets on tech

property_switch Selling your house in the 21st Century has come a long way. Days where your only options were to go with an agency or fly solo are long gone, and yet entrepreneurs are still finding room for innovation. Property Switch, is the latest in a new breed of startups locked on disrupting markets with the help of technological innovation. The startup, headquartered in Waterfall, Durban, is a virtual real estate agency -- for the most part. Property Switch's managing director, Graeme ...

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FindMyWay brings public transport info to SA commuters’ mobile phones

findmywaylogo In developing countries such as South Africa, public transport, despite being used by large portions of the population, often has a disconnect between important information, such as routes, times, delays et al, and it being readily available to commuters. Add to this problem the reach that mobile phones have in developing countries, and startups have the ingredients to create value through smart technological systems. One such startup, WhereIsMyTransport, has combined these ingredients and created a social transport information portal called FindMyWay, ...

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Publishing startup Paperight claims two prestigious awards in one week

paperight logo Paperight, a Cape Town-based Shuttleworth Foundation-funded company, has picked up a couple of awards last week. It was named one of the most innovative companies in South Africa, while also winning first place at the international Contec Startup Showcase in Germany. In Germany, the Contec Startup Showcase saw Paperight beat five other international finalist competitors as it impressed the judges with its technological innovations and the social mission to greatly increase access to books in South Africa and other developing nations. ...

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Meet mobicred: South Africa’s first online only credit facility

Mobicred There's not much of a limit on what you can buy online these days. Thing is, in South Africa at least, almost all of those ways involve having a bank account and, if you want things to be really simple, a credit card. But what if you could finance your online purchases with a single credit product where everything from application to first payment happens online? That's pretty much the premise behind mobicred, a revolving credit product looking to take advantage of ...