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Dealfinder launches to help SA retailers market their products online

dealfinder As customers, we all love finding out what's cheap when and where. Publishing company The Caxton and CTP Group today announced the launch of Dealfinder -- a new site that enables you to browse for shopping deals online by area, retailer, category or by brand name. The company notes that in South Africa, online retail sales only represents around 1-2% of total retail sales but online browsing and researching activity is still massive, which plays a big role in offline purchases. ...


Company culture: staff diversity breeds creativity, retention, innovation

staff happiness At business school they taught me that diversity in the workplace is a good thing. I can still remember the intensity on my lecturer’s face when he explained how bringing people together from different walks of life would foster a creative environment, and bring us untold riches. The way he described it was as if diversity would lead to the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I was a little sceptical to say the least. I ...

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Samsung Solar Powered Health Centre goes on the road

Samsung Solar Powered Medical Center Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day and Samsung Electronics Africa’s new Solar Powered Health Centre has taken its services to the road. Part of the company's corporate social responsibility, the initiative involves providing free diabetes testing and counselling and ultimately took shape at the recent Mokopane community wellness day in Limpopo. Samsung Solar Powered Health Centre consists of mobile units kitted with medical equipment and, of course, staffed by medical doctors. Samsung has designed these mobile units for use in rural ...

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Failure to launch: 5 Rocket Internet projects that misfired in Asia

Rocket Internet Rocket Internet, to employ a tried-and-true cliché, is a company that many tech industry watchers love to hate. On the surface, one can easily accuse the German accelerator of copying promising US or European ventures and racing to build up twin projects in emerging markets, with the ultimate goal of getting acquired. Defenders will argue that no company can claim to be truly innovative, and that entrepreneurship is about execution rather than inspiration. While the tech industry loves to keep an ...

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Want to become an authority in your industry? Try blogging

Blog (2) If there's one thing you could argue is more important than your startup's brand it's your personal brand as a founder and entrepreneur. This is the brand that will transcend whatever companies you start or work for, and will be with you until the end of your career. Establishing your personal brand is hard work though, because it doesn't start tomorrow, it started yesterday, and it's an ongoing process. So what's the right way to go about it? How do you ...

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MEDO opens DTI’s first youth entrepreneur incubator

MEDO Part of its pledge to support SMEs, it was announced today that MEDO ICT Incubator would be the first youth incubator in the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) Incubator Support Programme. The South African entrepreneurial development organisation MEDO will manage and facilitate this centre, as well as provide support and training for participating entrepreneurs. The Department of Trade and Industry launched the Incubator Support Programme (ISP) in 2012 in a move to provide support and grow sustainable entrepreneurial businesses in ...


Who are you — a freelancer or an entrepreneur?

Israel startup nation Flickr People often get confused between being an entrepreneur or a freelancer. Although in both the cases the person is fiercely independent and they work for themselves, maybe managing a team and/or hiring people, there are differences. If we observe the thin lines of accomplishing goals and creating plans for expansion, then the freelancer and entrepreneur are as different as strawberry and gooseberry. 8 personality traits of an entrepreneur and a freelancer A freelancer is a person who gets paid for the work. ...

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Catching the eye — online marketing is about starting a conversation

Digital marketing image Marketing is not a new concept. For thousands of years human beings have employed a variety of tactics to entice the interest of potential buyers. It’s called catching the eye –- and it’s a fine art. In many ways, marketing is in our DNA. To achieve success as a startup one must learn to attract positive attention. It’s survival of the fittest in the startup jungle. Only those willing to evolve will achieve long-term prosperity. The marketing process is also swiftly ...

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Futurelytics raises $800K, get more from customers with its smart data

futurelytics logo Big data is fast dethroning mobile as the most spoken about and sought after industry in the tech world -- and with that follows the money. Czech-based Futurelytics Inc. -- a prescriptive analytics platform that helps companies extract value from their data -- has received seed funding to the value of US$800K, proving that making sense of data is a viable space for startups to add value. The financing round was co-lead by Index Ventures and Credo Ventures. Other investors include ...

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TechWomen to inspire Africa’s next wave of savvy entrepreneurial ladies

TechWomen By providing a group of skilled women from Africa and the Middle East access and opportunity to advance their careers, pursue their dreams, and become role models the TechWomen 2013 exchange programme has recently come to an end with the hope to inspire the next generation in Africa and the Middle East. TechWomen is an initiative of the US Department of State, administered by the Institute of International Education. As part of an extensive exchange programme, the initiative takes professional ...