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Marc Andreessen: Silicon Valley is too hard to recreate

Silicon Valley Known for co-founding Netscape and the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, Marc Andreessen recently made his thoughts clear on what seems to be a harsh skeptical outlook on international startup ecosystems. Reported by TechCrunch, he highlights the notion that acceleration programmes and the like should stick to geographic regions they know best. Beijing's attempts to replicate Silicon Valley, he says, won't work because each region has its own particularities. Pointing at the political environment, he says that although China is ...

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Why Africa should look to the cloud

clouds Where do African organizations and markets stand when it comes to the cloud? Even though cloud technologies are more reliable and efficient than traditional networks for example, many businesses are still too skittish because of privacy and security concerns. On top of that, it gives us access to quality services as well as new potential markets. Via the cloud, elearning for example is becoming an increasingly attractive market in Africa. So why aren't businesses making use of this potential? Though power ...

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KupiKupon and Celltick partner to bring mobile coupons to Eastern Europe

Mobile-initiated commerce site Celltick has announced a partnership with KupiKupon-- a service that provides daily deals to people in Eastern Europe. This partnership is said to publish intelligently targeted mobile coupons to millions of consumers across Russia and Ukraine. Celltick’s patented technology coupled with its expertise and deep understanding of local consumer behavior and cultures will allow KupiKupon to effectively target consumers with valuable deals and offers for physical goods and services, based on the location and demographics of each mobile ...

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China’s luxury ecommerce market to be worth $27 billion in 2013

China China’s ecommerce market looks set to be worth $296-billion in 2013 as China surpasses America to be the world’s top e-commerce market. In that industry, one of the most interesting and international segments is Chinese luxury ecommerce. According to a new report by Washington-based Observer Solutions today, the country’s online luxury sales will be worth an estimated $27-billion this year. The report’s authors also made an infographic (see below) that outlines the numbers and key players in this high-end sector in ...

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Need a crash course in creating a business? Check out Startup Weekend Johannesburg

Startup Weekends are getting quite popular in Africa. Give groups of people 50 or so hours, an idea and set them to task creating a business -- easy peasy. Well maybe not. The folks at Startup Weekend Johannesburg have faith though, their event in its third year is coming back to the city of gold. The basics of the event is to together entrepreneurs, designers, developers and startup enthusiasts to participate in 54 hours of taking innovative business ideas from ...

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6 tips for taking your business online

Digital dollar Sign The World Wide Web, together with other ICT enabling technologies, has made it increasingly easy for companies to conduct business online. The expansion of the online environment has also brought with it an additional development: the potential for any individual to have a commercial presence. The growth in internet users is having a significant impact on businesses, and for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business, the opportunities are compelling. This is especially true for small to medium enterprises that are ...

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Mobile Payment Solution ‘Flous’ to hit Egypt, world’s first Arabic mobile wallet

flous logo MasterCard, National Bank of Egypt (NBE) in conjunction with mobile network Etisalat, are bringing the mobile payment wallet, "Flous" to Etisalat Egypt's subscribers. Using the Etisalat network, Flous can be deployed on any mobile phone and is being rolled out in phases. Phase one allowing subscribers to transfer money between each other, to load cash onto their phones or take cash out at either Etisalat branches (over 100) or over 300 NBE branches. “Etisalat connects people from around the world, and we ...

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Startup Blitz: TaxTim, a helping hand to simplify filing your tax return online

taxtim1 Tax season is upon us once again. For many South Africans this means wading through daunting SARS IRP5 forms all the while hoping we are filling them out correctly. For others, it means paying a professional to do this for them, at a nominal fee of course. Enter TaxTim, a simple, fast and convenient way to file your income tax return online, all with step-by-step help from the little man himself: Tim. Asking you one question at a time in "plain language", ...

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MyDoorHandle receives Google invitation to Blackbox Connect

MydoorHandle Dylan Kohlstadt and Steven Ellis from the Cape Town based startup MyDoorHandle have been invited to attend the Google for Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial accelerator programme in San Francisco. This is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain and share valuable knowledge of the Valley. As part of a sponsorship by Google for Entrepreneurs, the Blackbox Connect is a two-week immersion programme where non-US based startups get the opportunity to be inspired, grow and connect with the top VC's ...


5 key differences between a private and public company

stock exchange There comes a stage in every company's lifecycle when going public makes sense. It might be to maintain growth, pull off more aggressive expansion, or bring on new shareholders to gain access to resources and knowledge. Before doing so, a startup (or private company) should give some thought to the differences between a private and public company, especially in terms of what analysts and investors take into consideration when valuating. The term "private company" covers an array of businesses; all the ...