The art of convergence: Urban Restro splices disparate hospitality segments

urban_restro Urban Restro is a multi-headed, ecommerce hydra that is simultaneously attacking India's restaurant reservation, banquet booking, event management and deals markets. It's a bold play by the Mumbai-based startup. The segments seem somewhat disparate at first, but Urban Restro's parent company, Urban Online Services has weaved an intriguing mesh which looks set to fill gaps in India's hospitality industry. Market research by Urban Restro's founder and MD, Shriti Chhajed shows that there are over 200 up-scale restaurants in the city with an ...

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Online banking security company Entersekt, wins Frost & Sullivan Award

Entersekt Online banking security company Entersekt, has today been awarded the 2013 South African Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Leadership for its innovations in providing easy-to-use and secure mobile banking solutions. Transakt, as its app is called, offers an alternative method to online banking that claims to eliminate fraud and enhance transaction convenience of both the bank and customer. Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Lehlohonolo Mokenela notes that Entersekt has received accreditation from the world's largest payments networks American Express, ...

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Watch Nigerian tv shows online with streaming service NextSpeel

nextspeel For the longest time, we've been waiting to see who will rise up as the Netflix of Africa. As bandwidth and mobile data gets cheaper, and more Africans get connected, it's only a matter of time before streaming movies, music, and television shows becomes commonplace on the continent. There are a few players emerging already in the streaming space, such as iROKO (iROKOtv and iROKING), Wabona, and Buni TV. What separates them, besides billing models, is a focus on certain ...

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VC4Africa offers African entrepreneurs coaching, investor introductions

vc4africa september cohort Getting access to Africa's investor network has potentially gotten a whole easier with Venture Capital for Africa (VC4Africa) and its initiative called Cohorts. The month long (or longer) accelerator programme gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to receive coaching, as well as access and personal introductions to the VC4Africa investor network - potentially Africa's largest network of SME investors - to aid the raising of funds. In what VC4Africa calls a "new opportunity for Africa's most promising entrepreneurs to raise capital" the ...

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Startup Blitz: Zomato is a complete restaurant discovery service

zomato startup blitz On this week's Startup Blitz we get a peek into Zomato, a restaurant discovery service that recently launched its Cape Town offering. Zomato offers comprehensive information on restaurants listed on its platform including menus, pictures, map co-ordinates, contact details, specials et al -- anything you would need to know before dining at a restaurant. Furthermore there are filters available to users so they can streamline searches down to say restaurants with a bar, or delivery services. You can even filter by ...

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How do you keep your staff happy, productive, and loyal?

Evernote Figuring out how to keep your workforce happy and productive is a skill. It's one of those things that seasoned CEOs will instinctively know how to do over a fresh-faced counterpart. You've just got a startup though, maybe it's even your first company, so you don't have the 30 plus years of experience at the helm that your father has. Don't fret, looking at what drives people (money included), can help you create a work environment -- your company culture ...

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Beauty subscription ecommerce: Asia’s next big startup trend?

Makeup It is well known that women are among the most voracious and influential online groups. They’re online more often, and they are avid purchasers. In Asia, that’s especially true with women, where female web users are making, in every country, more than 60% of their online purchases on fashion. That’s right, fashion dominates online spending for women. With stats like these, it’s no wonder that fashion e-commerce in general is taking off. Another specific new niche, beauty subscription e-commerce, is peeking ...

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HelloFood plans world domination with Brazil success

Hellofood More from the Rocket Internet camp, its online food delivery service HelloFood is taking over as a top food delivery service in Brazil surpassing its competitor Jánamesa. The move signals the consolidation of HelloFood as "a leading player in the contested Brazilian market" says Rocket. According to the online business builder, "HelloFood with its affiliated brand foodpanda is the largest group of online food ordering platforms worldwide". HelloFood, together with its affiliate brand Foodpanda, helps restaurants to increase sales through online ...

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Zoona: mobile money helping Zambia’s unbanked populace

zoona What is Africa's biggest problem when it comes to money and banks? Easy: in many parts of the continent there are large portions of the populace that are unbanked. The solution for this came a few years ago with M-Pesa, a mobile money solution that catered for Kenya's unbanked population. Fast forward a few years later and all across the continent similar solutions are popping up. One that has caught my attention is Zoona, a Zambian-based startup hoping to take the ...

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Sharks, sorcery and speculation: what lies beneath most startup valuations

Shark In 1954 one of Hollywood’s greatest artistic geniuses, Walt Disney, had a fantasy. Disney dreamed of building a giant amusement park unlike anything that existed in America. His chosen site was on 160 acres of farmland in Anaheim, an area southwest of Los Angeles settled by German immigrants. The problem was how to find financing for his project. His brother Roy Disney didn’t support the idea and the banks scoffed at Disney’s projection of a million visitors a year going through ...