13 lessons every startup can learn from Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett Warren Buffett was once the richest man on the planet. He'd still probably hold, or at least be close to, that spot if he hadn't started giving away large portions of his wealth. The multi-billionaire is deservedly looked to as something of a guru by many when it comes to investment and, perhaps even more deservedly, as voice of reason when it comes to the global finance sector. The way Buffett lives his life and runs his business interests also ...

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Some private equity negotiating tips for women working for a startup

Women leader Before I get on my soapbox and begin waving the women-can-do-all-things flag I would like take a breath and point you all to some well thought-out advice. I was hopping around the web as one does on a Friday morning and I picked up this piece by Kathy Leake, Co-founder and President of LocalResponse, on AllThingsD. Based in New York's emerging startup scene in trendy Chelsea, LocalResponse claims to be the first platform to help marketers respond to social intent, defined ...

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500 startups now accepting investment online through startup nexus AngelList

investing 500 Startups, the Silicon Valley accelerator with a penchant for emerging markets, has opened fundraising for its Fund II through AngelList, the social network of sorts for startups. Back in December 2012, AngelList launched a partnership with Secondmarket, the private market place for buying and selling alternative assets, to allow smaller accredited investors to invest in startups. The minimum investment amount was set at US$1 000 and the service reportedly went on to raise US$12 million within 30 days of going ...

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PhotoMania looks to carve niche as a ‘social-photo editor’

PhotoMania Effect There are two parties going on in the photo-sharing-platform world. The first party is outgoing, social, and the more guests talk and share between themselves (and with their friends outside the party), the better. This type of party often only has one or a few tricks (filters, effects), and prefers to rely on the social nature of their guests to provide entertainment and thrive. These are the photo-social platforms and their king is Instagram. The second type of party is a ...

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Zando founder, MD Manuel Koser resigns

Zando Zando co-founder and managing director Manuel Koser today announced his resignation from the South African online retailer. The entrepreneur will reportedly be leaving Zando to co-found Silvertree Capital, a "company builder and venture investor" in African startups. In a statement, Koser said that he would remain a shareholder in Zando. “I have decided to step down as MD of Zando.co.za to pursue other entrepreneurial ventures, as I am [a] startup enthusiast and miss the excitement and hectic environment of setting ...


Why build a tech city when you can build a tech neighbourhood?

project i-HQ This just caught my attention and I think it is such an innovative idea. Leave it to the Nigerians to change things up. While the rest of the world is putting plans in place to build their various tech cities, Nigeria's tech hub in Lagos, has decided not to. According to the latest project by Lagos' innovation hub ccHub, the city is concerning itself with a tech neighbourhood (hat tip: White African) rather than a whole city. The initiative runs ...


Packed full of startups, accelerator ship Unreasonable at Sea heads towards SA

Unreasonable at Sea Geeks on a plane? Meet startups on a ship. Yep, startup accelerator Unreasonable Institute has been taking entrepreneurs on a voyage around the world while they work on solving social and environmental problems and bringing their businesses to international markets. Unreasonable at Sea has just passed the halfway mark on its 100-day journey, sailing past Mauritius on its way to its next pit stop in Cape Town, South Africa. The ship, which left San Diego in early January and plans to ...

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From deal sites to tablet makers: inside Africa’s startup boom

africa growth Africa has a pretty impressive tech startup scene. Very few people know about it because the companies that are being built aren't exiting for millions of dollars. Well, not all of them. The continent has, in the last decade, seen a mobile explosion that beats the developed world. Yes, connectivity is still an issue that needs resolving but somehow the tech innovators are building products that have seen interest from the likes of financial juggernaut Visa and are winning innovation ...

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YaSabe secures seed round funding from angel investors

hispanic american flag There are over 52 million Hispanic or Latino Americans living across the United States. In 2011, it was deemed that Latin Americans made up 16.7% of the US population, and in certain cities that percentage increased to over 30%. These staggering numbers show that the US Hispanic community is a well of revenue just waiting to be tapped into - an emerging market within an established market. YaSabe, a 'search destination' catering to Hispanic consumers recognises the buying potential of the community ...

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Axel Springer Plug and Play: accelerator with Silicon Valley link opens

axelspringer_plug_and_play_accelerator While the debate still rages on whether or not Berlin will become Europe's new tech hub, it's not stopping some major players from placing their bets. A new accelerator from Germany will allow startups -- from all around the world -- dreaming of a Silicon valley experience, to get a foot in the door. Axel Springer, the German mega media company behind publications such as Bild.de and Die Welt is teaming up with Plug and Play Tech Center, the Silicon Valley-based ...